Tyler Perry attends the 2019 Vanity same Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg center for the Performing art on February 24, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Tyler Perry’s Madea character has actually a distinct spot in popular music culture. Love or dislike it, Perry’s Madea movies helped propel the writer-director into Hollywood and also his cultivation TV empire throughout networks and streaming platforms.

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Over the year his work approximately box-office hit has actually been met with controversy, including him playing the gun-wielding grandma. Speaking with T.I. Because that hisExpediTIouslypodcast, the director touch on a point Dave Chappelle made end ten years ago about Hollywood demasculating black guys by putting them in dresses for profit.

The comments come indigenous Chappelle’s 2006 interview v Oprah Winfrey wherein he talked about black comedians continuous being placed in costume for laughs.“I watch that they placed every black male in the movie in a dress at some point in his career,” the said. “I don’t need a dress to it is in funny.”

History share its very own timeline of black comedians playing female characters. There’sJamie Foxx as Wanda ~ above In life Color, young name Lawrence as Shanaynay and big Momma in his struggle filmBig Momma’s House, Eddie Murphy together Rasputia in Norbit and the legendary Fipp Wilson asGeraldine on his 1970s variety show.

Laughs or not, Perry has insisted the decision to morph into Madea was his own.

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“Listen, Chappelle is among the many brilliant civilization I have ever before seen in my life,” that said. “Not just in comedy, but the guy is smart. A heavy, excellent thinker. So, if the is the case in Hollywood, then, okay, that’s the case. However you gotta understand, that’s no my case. Nobody owned that dress however me,”he continued. “Nobody told me—a $2 billion franchise, nobody called me to put it on. Nobody makes me placed it on. That was every on stage. Black guy owned the whole show, it to be my choice.”

Before bringing Madea come the large screen, he created the character because that his at an early stage plays in Atlanta. After becoming a struggle in the so late 90s and early aughts his partnership with Lionsgate began.

“I’m not a guy who enjoys put on a dress,”Perry added. “For me, together an actor, it’s a costume. It’s like if somebody goes to work-related at Walmart, they put on their uniform. Because that me, that’s placing on a uniform, walk out, and making human being laugh. Lifting them up. Encouraging them. The good that the does for so numerous people.”