B.J. McCay was a good-looking young trucker who traveled approximately the nation in his large red & white rig, through a single companion – his pet chimp, Bear. B.J. Was based in landscape Georgia and was confronted by a sequence of corrupt local sheriffs – Elroy P. Lobo (who to be later given his very own series, Lobo); Sgt. Wiley that Winslow County and also his two other lawmen, Sheriffs Cain and Masters. The only ethical cop B.J. Appeared to encounter was the Fox, who spent lot of she time make the efforts to trap the crooked local cops. Tommy to be a lady trucker friend and Bullets ran the neighborhood hangout, the nation Comfort truck Stop.

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In 1981, B.J. Resolved down to run a trucking service in Los Angeles dubbed Bear Enterprises. His brand-new adversary was Rutherford T. Grant, a corrupt politician that headed the state unique Crimes activity Team. Approve was a silent companion in TransCal, the largest trucking for sure in California and also stopped at nothing to stomp the end potential competition.

This 12 disc set contains every three seasons of the classic show, including the two Lobo crossover episodes for atotal that 52 episodes in all.This complete set has been compiled indigenous fans and collectors that the display from approximately the world.

Please save inmind the sources for this show were reportedly fans who taped the shows back during it’s early run, and sinceit has actually not been on television because 1984 the sources of the recordings space over two decades old, and also it does present inthe playback quality, which deserve to vary greatly from one illustration to the next. While the majority of the episodes are ofdecent quality, there space a grasp that are not so good but tho watchable.

Please store this in psychic whenpurchasing this set. Offered the reality that Greg Evigan self even proclaimed thatthe collection will most most likely never view the light of day obtaining an main release, (there’s never also been anythingreleased ~ above VHS either). This is probably the only way anyone will ever get come relive the show and also all it’s glory.

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Other sites offer this same collection for $60 and even $89 top top ebay….yikes!! no here. $24 is all and also the DVDs have artwork on them and also come save in a hard case.

Complete collection on 12 DVDs v disc artwork and also in a case.All 3 seasons consisting of the 2-part pilot and also the final episode space in this set.24$ incl. Complimentary shipping!!

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