Deciding to go on a family vacation isn’t a challenging decision. Determining whereby to go, however, deserve to be tricky!

Your ideal family members vacation location needs to be the perfect combination of fun, relaxation, kid-friendly, and, that course, within your budget. This narrows down your options… come a totality lot the places! To make your pilgrimage planning a little easier, we’ve compiled the best family vacation spots in the US.

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These five cities have everything kids and also parents desire from a vacation, from theme parks to the great outdoors. Inspect out our recommended household vacation destinations and start to plan your following trip!


1. Branson, MO

Nestled in the Ozark Mountains, Branson, MO is a family members vacation dream come true. Whether you want a family-friendly night in ~ the theatre or a day complete of remarkable thrills, you’ll uncover it in Branson.

Branson attractions variety from design template parks and also extreme thrills to interaction museums and also outdoor adventures. A couple of of the height attractions and also destinations in Branson include:

Or, if your family members is into riveting entertainment, she in the right place. After ~ all, Branson is recognized as the “Live Music funding of the World!” And, if you take place to visit during the holiday season, you will do it be cure to awe-inspiring Christmas mirrors at the city’s optimal venues. Several of the most renowned shows include:

Plus, Branson is home to affordable lodging choices including those v indoor waterparks for the kids!


2. The Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

If your family is into the great outdoors, climate you’ll agree the Smoky hills are one of the ideal family vacation spots in the US. Pigeon Forge and also Gatlinburg, TN are both filled to the brim through family-friendly activities and lodging opportunities.

To save the kids entertained, head end to Dollywood and Dollywood’s Splash Country. Both template parks boast a range of rides, varying in thrill levels to satisfy all ages. Or, if your kids would rather have a be safe day, why not acquire a few rounds that mini-golf in before catching among Pigeon Forge’s famous dinner shows prefer the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Show?

Plus, you can spend number of days exploring all the great Smoky hills National Park needs to offer. Whether you’re interested in white water rafting or trekking come the peak of waterfalls, you’ll discover it all in this 800 square miles nationwide park!

Other top attractions and tasks include:

As because that lodging, save money through booking a cabin! Smoky mountain cabins come through fully-equipped kitchens, enabling you to chef your meals and save money on food.


3. Mountain Diego, CA

Once you breath in the ocean air and also take a look at the coastline views, you’ll know why san Diego is among the ideal family vacation spots in the US. That wouldn’t want to soak increase the sun and the surf top top a vacation?

San Diego is home to lot of beaches for your family to explore. Grab a beach chair, many of sunscreen, and also head the end to a budget-friendly work by the Pacific Ocean.

If your family wants to include a bit of adventure to her vacation, take it a trip to theme parks such as SeaWorld san Diego and also LEGOLAND California. You’ll encounter epos roller coasters, immersive rides, and also more. The course, if you looking come walk on the wild side, there’s constantly the san Diego Zoo!

San Diego is likewise home to numerous educational and hands-on museums, such as:

Depending on once you visit and also where you select to stay, mountain Diego lodging have the right to be a bit pricey. To lower your take trip costs, combine your theme park and attraction tickets through your selection of hotel because that extra discounts!


4. Myrtle Beach, SC

Would you prefer a beachside household vacation top top the eastern Coast? If so, Myrtle coast is her spot! complete with 60+ miles of coast beaches, your household can invest the day playing in the waves, structure sandcastles, and also working on her tan.

Plus, with numerous of Myrtle Beach’s hotels, condos, and resorts situated right top top the beach, you’ll have easy accessibility to the s day in and day out!

As because that kid-approved attractions, yes sir no shortage of funny in Myrtle Beach. Kids love visiting Ripley’s Aquarium of Myrtle Beach for an underwater expedition featuring an ext than 10,000 exotic species. Or, lug curious small ones come WonderWorks for limitless interactive fun.

Other family-friendly attractions in the cool Strand include:

Also, Myrtle coast is residence to some action-packed mirrors for the entirety family. Travel earlier in time at medieval Times Dinner & tournament or watch as pirates battle for treasure in ~ Pirates Voyage!


Is there really a bad time to go to Disney World? Nope!

5. Orlando, FL

What would a list of ideal family holidays spots in the us be without Orlando? recognized for its diversity of design template parks and also family attractions, it’s simple to recognize why millions upon millions of family members visit the city every year.

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While Orlando might be one of the top spots, visiting requires excessive planning! From template park tickets to flights and also hotel rooms, yes a lot come consider. Fortunately, the area additionally boasts a selection of cost-free things for families to do, for this reason you nothing break your budget!

Of course, Orlando’s optimal attractions room the template parks. Orlando is home to significant amusement park destinations including:

If you need a rest from the template parks, no a problem. Orlando has a range of fun activities to enjoy, from museums to shows and everything in between. Be certain to visit Disney Springs and also Universal CityWalk entertainment districts for even an ext family fun!

As for lodging, you name it, Orlando has it. You’ll have the ability to find every little thing from luxurious resorts to affordable hotel rooms.

The 5 finest Family vacation Spots in the US

Are you travel to any kind of of the top family members vacation destinations this year? phone call us about it!

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