I am looking in ~ a Belgian Browning SA-22 for sale and am do the efforts to identify the day of manufacture. I"ve scoured a many websites and also come away an ext confused 보다 knowledgeable around how to analyze the serial number for manufacture date.

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Do any kind of of girlfriend have any kind of suggestions?

And as always, thanks!

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Thank you; of every the pages i looked at, i wasn"t may be to discover this one without her help. Rifle to be made in 1966!

I just went v the very same thing. My S/N was inside the butt plate, wherein the newspaper rod come out. It had actually a T and two numbers on the top, 3 numbers top top the bottom, and also a number out on the left side all by itself! ns think it"s a 1961 produced rifle. It"s a take-down model. If you require to readjust your barrel nut, check out instructions and also watch videos first. Finally, don"t let that little spring and also plunger obtain away from you!!!! It"s simple for the to popular music out, and I"ve been trying to find mine every day! It"s in this room complete of carpet somewhere... Yet I don"t understand where. JFYI

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Posted respectable 11, 2020


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Posted august 11, 2020

Thank you; of all the pages ns looked at, ns wasn"t maybe to discover this one without her help. Rifle was made in 1966!

Luckyforward, did you buy the Browning SA-22? They space at the optimal of mine "interest" list, ideal now. I"d favor to hear what girlfriend think about yours and also if it shoots accurately. We camer PM, if girlfriend feel an ext comfortable talking around it that way.

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Posted august 11, 2020


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Posted august 11, 2020 (edited)

Glad to comment. Yes, ns bought the SA-22. That is very accurate, easy and fun come shoot. The rifle is light and the sights room excellent. It is the the smallest rifle ns have ever shot (the recipient is nearly tiny contrasted to other .22s i own) yet absolutely the most fun. I have fewer misfires with the SA-22 as contrasted to mine Winchester Models 62 and also 63. And to be totally honest, there is nothing an ext fun than fast firing simply for the heck of it . . .

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The takedown role is easy and fast. They used to offer it through a bring bag, yet mine did no come through one. I"d choose to find one.

The rifle ns purchased came in the initial box and also was marketed in a Firestone store in 1966. Are those days unable to do forever! purchase a rifle and new tires (which came cheaper if you had a recappable tires from your car.) just old men like me will understand the definition of the last statement!

It"s the ideal rifle acquisition I"ve made! Here"s a an excellent deal if you just want a shooter.