Bugs Bunny: shed in Time free Download PC video game Cracked in direct Link and Torrent. Bugs Bunny: shed in Time is a Looney tunes platform video clip game.

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Hi, i downloaded the game however once ns click “install” naught happens. I complied with the instructions and cliked ~ above the “pv.exe” file. Have the right to you help me out?


1. You should download and install the recent versions of: Microsoft visual C ++, Microsoft .NET Framework, OpenAL, Java, XNA Framework, … (Search ~ above google and also download them native the official sites)

2. You must install the latest chauffeurs for your VGA, CPU,… You must download the “3DP Chip” (this is freeware), after installing it, the will help you to discover the attach to download the recent driver for your VGA, CPU, …

3. Upgrade your Windows.

4. Restart her Windows.

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5. Revolve off Antivirus programs and also Firewalls.

6. Extract / reinstall the game, run the game with “Run as Administrator”. Expect these can aid you, enjoy