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In Word, you have the right to use the Backstage watch to easily change Word options.

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web page display alternatives

always show this formatting clues on the display

Printing options

Page display screen options

show white space between pages in publish Layout view choose this choice to screen the top and also bottom spare part of the page, consisting of the content of headers and footers.

present highlighter marks select this choice to screen highlighted text on the screen and in published documents.

Show paper tooltips on hover pick this option to display information such as URLs and also reviewers" comments in yellow pop-up boxes. The ToolTips, additionally called ScreenTips, appear when you remainder your computer mouse pointer ~ above a hyperlink, comment reference mark, or comparable content.

top of web page

Always present these formatting marks on the screen

Tab characters choose this choice to screen tab personalities as arrows.

Spaces choose this alternative to screen spaces in between words together dots.

i marks pick this option to display the end of paragraphs with the paragraph symbol.

concealed text pick this choice to display screen a dotted heat under message that is formatted as hidden.

Optional hyphens select this choice to screen hyphens that indicate where to division a word in ~ the finish of a line. Optional hyphens room not printed unless a native actually division at the finish of a line. As soon as a word breaks at the finish of the line, the optional hyphen is published as a consistent hyphen.

thing anchors select this option to screen object anchors, which suggest that an object is attached come a specific paragraph.

Optional breaks choose this choice to control where a indigenous or expression breaks if it falls at the end of a line. If you use starrkingschool.net Office Word v an East asian language, this option stays clear of the incorrect break of text.

Note: This option is obtainable only if one East asian language is permitted for modifying text.

show all formatting marks pick this option to display all the formatting personalities that are provided in the Always display these formatting point out on the screen section, even if it is or no the inspect box associated with every one is selected. Once you turn this choice off, only the formatting characters that are suggested by the selected examine boxes in the Always display these formatting clues on the screen ar are displayed.

Tip: You can easily turn this choice on or turn off by click Show/Hide ¶ in the Paragraph team of the Home tab.


peak of page

Printing options

print drawings created in Word select this option to print all illustration objects, such as shapes and text boxes. Clearing this inspect box might speed her printing process, due to the fact that Word prints a blank box in ar of each drawing object.

print background colors and also images select this choice to print all elevator colors and also images. Clearing this check box may speed her printing process.

Print file properties pick this alternative to print the document"s summary information on a separate web page after the paper is printed. Indigenous stores an overview information top top the file Information Panel.

Print covert text choose this choice to print all text that is formatted as hidden. Word walk not publish the dotted underline that shows up under the surprise text on the screen.

update fields before printing pick this alternative to upgrade all the areas in a record before you publish it.

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Update linked data before printing select this alternative to update all connected information in a paper before you print it.