What is the molecular formula that a compound containing only carbon and also hydrogen if combustion of $1.05~mathrmg$ that the link produces $3.30~mathrmg~ceCO2$ and also $1.35~mathrmg~ceH2O$ and its molar mass is around $70~mathrmg$?

Here is mine work:

$$eginarraycccccc & ceC_aH_b & ce-> & ceCO2 & + & ceH2O \ extmasses (g) & 1.05 & & 3.30 & & 1.35endarray$$

eginalign*ceCO2 & ightarrow ceC \44~mathrmg & ightarrow 12~mathrmg \3.30~mathrmg & ightarrow xendalign*

$$x = 0.9~mathrmg,~ extmoles that C = frac0.912 = 0.075$$

eginalign*ceH2O & ightarrow ce2H \18~mathrmg & ightarrow 2~mathrmg \1.35~mathrmg & ightarrow yendalign*

$$y = 0.15~mathrmg,~ extmoles the H = frac0.151 = 0.15$$

$$ extempirical formula~ceC_0.075/0.075H_0.15/0.075 -> CH2$$

$$frac7014 = 5$$

$$ extmolecular formula is~ceC5H10$$

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$$ceC_$a$H_$b$ + $left(a+frac b4 ight)$O2 -> $a$CO2 + $fracb2$ H2O$$

Suppose you had actually $n$ moles of hydrocarbon, climate we have $acdot n$ moles of $ceCO2$ and also $fracb2cdot n$ moles of $ceH2O$ splitting their moles we"ll acquire $2fracab$:$$2frac ab=frac330/44135/18=frac7.57.5=1implies frac ab=frac12$$So the empirical formula is $ceCH2$Now because that actual formula $frac7014=5$Yes the formula is $ceC5H10$.

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