Explanation: The molecule composition that a water molecule is H2O. Hydrogen has a massive of 1, then multiplied by 2 since it has actually 2 atoms. Oxygen has a massive of 16 g. Therefore we include the both masses and the result is 18 g/ mole

c12 has actually a massive of 12 amu


mass of one mole the c12 = g. Therefore mass that 1 atom the c12 = 1.9927e-23g

D) g

Explanation: The question asks to transform formula unit to grams. That is a unit switch problem.

1 mole equals to Avogadro variety of formula units. So, to transform the given number of formula units to moles, we have to divide by the Avogadro number. After ~ this, we perform moles come grams conversion and also for this the moles are multiplied by the molar mass of the compound. Molar fixed of AgCl is 143.32 gram per mol.

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= g

So, the correct option is D) g

1 atomic mass unit is the fixed of one atom or it caliberates fixed on atom scale. The is likewise expressed in dalton denoted through Da whereas atom mass unit is denoted through amu.

1 amu have the right to be to express in grams as follows:



For converting in grams,



Thus, mass of dare is 204.16 * 10^-2^4 g

2.38×10⁻²² g


Molar massive is identified as the fixed of 1 mole of the substance.

Since the molar mass fo AgCl is 143.32 g/mol

Since, 1 mole of AgCl contains 6.022×10²³ molecules of AgCl


6.022×10²³ molecule of AgCl has actually a mass of 143.32 g


1 molecule the AgCl has actually a fixed of 143.32/6.022×10²³ g

Mass that 1 formula unit of AgCl is 2.38×10⁻²² g

7.307 x 10^-23


mass that one molecule = mr/ avogadros number

= 44/6.022 x 10^23

= 7.307x 10^-23

A. 3.53 g the Sulphur.

B. 1.79 x 10^-22 g of silver atom.



Equation of the reaction

C + S + 2O2 --> CO2 + SO2

Molar massive of:

C = 12 g/mol

S = 32 g/mol

CO2 = 12 + (16*2)

= 44 g/mol

SO2 = 32 + (32*2)

= 64 g/mol

Mass that C + S = 9 g

Mass that CO2 + SO2 = 27.1 g

Therefore, fixed of C = 9 - massive of S;

Mass that C * proportion of molar fixed of CO2 to C + mass of S * proportion of molar fixed of SO2 come S,

(Moles the C*molar massive of CO2) + (Moles that S*molar fixed of SO2) = 27.1

(9 - S) * (44/12) + S* (64/32)

(9 - S) * (3.67) + S * 2

33 - 3.67S + 2S = 27.1

-1.67S = - 5.9

Mass the S = 3.53 g

Mass that C = 9.0 - 3.53

= 12.53 g

The massive of sulfur is 3.53 g.


Calculate the mass, in grams, of a single silver atom (mAg = 107.87 amu ).

Number of mole of 1 silver- atom utilizing Avogadros constant, 6.022 x 10^23 molecules every moles

Moles = 1/ 6.023 x 10^23

= 1.66*10^-24 moles

Mass = number of moles * molar mass

Mass = 1.66 x 10 ^-24 * 107.87

Mass = 1.79 x 10^-22 g of silver- atom.

Answer from: 19jcormier

Answer : The massive in grams of a solitary formula unit of silver- chloride will be


Formula systems : it is characterized as lowest entirety number ratio of ions in one ionic compound. The is calculation by multiply the variety of moles through Avogadro"s number which is .

Single formula unit of silver chloride method that 1 mole of silver- chloride.

We are given :

Number of mole of silver- chloride = 1 moles

The molar massive of silver chloride = 143.32 g/mole

That means, 1 mole silver- chloride contains 143.32 grams of silver- chloride.

Now we have to determine the mass in grams the a solitary formula unit of silver- chloride.

As, formula unit has mass = 143.32 g

So, 1 formula unit has mass =


Therefore, the mass in grams of a solitary formula unit of silver chloride will be

Answer from: jacamron

Answer is .

Explanation: To calculate the mass of 1 Xe-atom , we will call for atomic fixed of Xe i beg your pardon is 131.29amu.

This atom mass is the fixed of 1 mole the 1 Xe-atom. One mole that Xe-atom is

atoms of Xe. We will usage this relation to convert Mass of Xe-atom right into grams.






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