There is no end to the number of culinary adventures you have the right to participate in through tweaking a bit here and also there!

A significant role in these experiments is play by the selection of seasoning you make. The ideal one have the right to make a an excellent dish great, when the not correct one have the right to take all the magic away.

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That is why you need to understand the details of particular items the sound favor the exact same thing, but act quite various from each other in reality!

Garlic itself is among the best things girlfriend can include to anysavory food to boost its taste tenfold. So, the course, it come in develops that are simpler to use, such together garlic powder and garlic salt.

However, there appears to it is in a many confusion among home cooks regarding whether to usage garlic flour or garlic salt, even if it is one is much better than the other, or whether the two are also thatdifferent from each other.

Such is the pair the garlic powder and garlic salt. Lock both seem to be dried ground seasoning items make from garlic, right?

Yes, but actually castle differ significantly in multiple facets because of which they room not have to interchangeable. So let’s see just how garlic flour vs garlic salt compare against each various other in detail!

Is Garlic flour The exact same As Garlic Salt?

Although both of this pantry item come indigenous the very same source, it no necessarily mean that they have the exact same properties. Let’s start by discussing what they really are!

What Is Garlic Powder?

Garlic powder is a seasoning the originates indigenous dehydrated garlic cloves. Like plenty of other flavorful garnishes, this one to be also an initial prepared in central Asia. It is most typically found in Chinese and also Indian cuisines. You can elevate the taste the a dish with this powder which will add some savory sweet to it.

What Is Garlic Salt?

Garlic salt is one of the numerous variations that salt v a savory twist in it. This seasoning is all set by mix garlic powder and salt. Friend can combine them in a ratio of 1:3 through volume or 1:6 by weight. It bring an exciting flavor to any dish, especially the ones entailing ground beef prefer hamburgers, lasagna and more.

Are they The Same?

Even despite they seem comparable and interchangeable, garlic powder and also garlic salt are actually no the same.

The simplest factor behind it is the - you require garlic powder to make garlic salt and not the other means round. Garlic salt is basically the regular table salt with second faint garlic flavor.

What Is The Difference in between Garlic Salt and Garlic Powder?

Now the we understand they are not the same, stop dive into more detailed discussions about their differences. Including what type of bowl is fit for which one


Essentially, garlic powder is dried garlic, which has been turned right into a fine powder. Whereas garlic salt is three components salt to one component garlic powder. That is usually garlic-flavored salt.

Let us look at few of the other differences between garlic powder and garlic salt in depth.


Garlic flour can conveniently be used rather of garlic if you have run the end of the latter. That is why friend will normally see that being used in dishes prefer salad dressings, soups, vegetables and also smoked or grilled meat wherein a ethereal garlic flavor is constantly welcome. Additionally, you have the right to use it with roasted nuts or popcorn.

On the various other hand, garlic salt is basically salt which means you deserve to use that in any dish whereby the latter is required.

The most common use of that is in the ready of seasoning for fries, raw vegetables and popcorn. Girlfriend can likewise sprinkle some garlic salt on cooking foods.

Difference in flavors or Taste

While garlic flour is powdered dried garlic, it has actually a lot milder flavor and smell than actual garlic. If you space trying to substitute garlic cloves with garlic powder, then you could need to consider including a bit much more than a pinch to her food.

Keep tasting your dish while you are cooking it, though, so regarding not overdo the garlic flavor. ~ above the other hand, garlic salt is mostly simply salt, with a slim flavor the garlic come it. The is only an additional variant of continual salt, to be used simply as regular salt is supplied in food.

If you don’t have any type of garlic left because that the existing dish in progress, girlfriend can add some garlic powder to it for bringing a comparable flavor.

However, this will certainly not occupational at every if you decision to usage garlic salt together the savior instead. The garlic salt will only add an ext saltiness which can not positively adjust the last taste.


To make garlic powder, the cloves are first peeled, sliced and then heated at 300-320 Fahrenheit because that being effectively dried up.

After your moisture content reaches simply 6.5% or closer, these dehydrated cloves room sliced and also minced again. This outcomes in the fine texture you watch in together powder.

In contrast, garlic salt is usually made through combining typical table salt and also garlic powder. So ready of the latter is lot easier compared to garlic powder.

Interchangeability of Garlic Powder and also Garlic Salt

While you have the right to customize garlic flour by including any type of salt come it (such as table salt, pink salt, soybean beans sauce, etc.) and also making it right into garlic salt, you cannot perform the same with garlic salt.

If girlfriend add an ext of the garlic salt to her food in order to increase the garlic flavor, what you are mainly doing is just making your food saltier, probably to the point of it becoming inedible.

Whereas, if you store some garlic powder in her kitchen, friend have manage over just how much salt you desire to add to it in stimulate to do it a garlic salt, as opposed to using store-bought garlic salt, i m sorry is just 20 percent garlic powder and also 80 percent salt.

Health Effects

It is a well-known fact that salt contributes largely to heart diseases such as strokes, as well as to an raised level of blood pressure.

Consuming too much salt can also give method to stomach cancer and could make her bones shed calcium faster.

If girlfriend are only using garlic salt to get the smell of garlic, you room much better off making use of garlic powder rather (with a tiny little of salt included for taste) together garlic salt is composed primarily that salt, with only a little of garlic powder added for flavor.

Garlic flour by itself is, therefore, a lot healthier type of spend garlic 보다 garlic salt.

The typical origin of these two - garlic - is a popular superstar of health and wellness benefits. It can protect you from love diseases, while lowering the possibility of miscellaneous as an easy as the usual cold to something together fatal as cancer!

However, garlic salt and garlic powder seem to different a lot in this aspect.

Garlic powder seems to have better effects on health than garlic salt. While any type of salty seasoning does lug a an ext enjoyable odor to numerous dishes, it can likewise lead come some health issues.

If bring away in a high amount, your blood pressure can increase resulting in a greater possibility of heart diseases and strokes.

Besides, the existence of high salt content can add to causing stomach cancer.

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Your bones may suffer by losing calcium and also be a victim the osteoporosis. Garlic powder comes v no together pitfalls which provides them the healthier option between the two.