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I to buy a fast pump jack top top ebay(same as harbor freight). It was used and is short on oil. Is that OK to use brake fluid in it? Refilled it and also bled it accordingly and it appears fine but not certain if its exactly how it should be, seeing as it never worked properly. Any input is appreciated. :biggthump
if you want you have the right to put every liquid in there even water but its not goodi think brake liquid is a little bit agrassiv i dont now what that does to her sealsyou can always try
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Brake liquid is probably the best around. You understand it take care of a ton that pressure.My dad is a retired mechanic & motorist assist. That"s what they provided in the sheds/shops.
Brake liquid is probably the best around. You know it handle a ton that pressure.My dad is a retirement mechanic & motorist assist. That"s what they used in the sheds/shops.

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Well, ns still have actually brake liquid in there and it holds press fine. Ns bought hydraulic jack oil but I assumption: v thats different from the fluid, reason it didnt work hah.
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