Please be careful—using exterior paints at home is poison! us all want to re-use and also recycle, (and conserve money). I was recently asked in one email, “Can you use exterior repaint inside my bathroom?


Answer: there is a significant safety danger here, also if your old cans of paint are quiet good, you will certainly not be conserving money make the efforts to usage exterior repaint inside. You’ll likely get sick or at the very least collect toxin in her body. Add to exterior paints room softer come expand and also contract outside: no the ideal for interior painting.

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We have a section below on exactly how to discover low-cost, good paint.
The difference in between interior and also exterior paint is the exterior paint consists of a lot much more toxic chemicals. Additive that make exterior paint softer, for this reason it deserve to flex in the extremes of outdoor existence. The is why that is not always a great idea to use exterior paint inside.

Exterior paint includes fungicides, mildewcides, and UV blockers that space toxic anywhere. Using exterior paints indoors will reveal you and your household to harmful chemicals—if you use exterior paint inside, the is forever.

If friend can’t use it, what deserve to you do?

There are lots of great community recycling programs, (find yours here)…but if the old repaint is beyond help…

If girlfriend cannot conserve all that leftover exterior paint for the next time you require it, over there is a product to conveniently turn old paint right into a solid for safe disposal. Repaint in landfills leaks and also pollutes our drinking water. This powder packets treat 12 gallons.

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Tempted come be utilizing exterior paint inside? You will certainly be hurting her real bottom line: your lifespan!

Once in a blue moon: “Can you usage exterior paints indoors?”—Yes if…

One time we deserve to say that you can use exterior paints inside is if the area is a storage burned or other outdoor structure (pool cabana or detached garage) wherein nobody sleeps. In that case, making use of exterior repaint indoors would be a great way to use up the old paint.

Just stay away native the area until the repaint cures (off-gases), i m sorry takes some weeks in the summer, or months once it’s cool out. Act this, if friend don’t have an excellent ventilation, usage a respirator. Us simplified the complex filters/masks that those products.

How to find low-cost paints
Children are particularly vulnerable to toxins in paint