Name:Bell pepperScientific Name:Capsicum annuum Occurrence:Bell pepper can be eaten raw or deserve to be included as a seasoning to cooked foodstuffs.Allergy Information:Allergy to bell pepper is typically reported through respiratory symptoms fairly than reactions of the mouth or skin (a lot of generally rhinoconjunctivitis but additionally asthma) which is slightly unusual. Headaches were also reported which are periodically associated with allergic rhinitis but are otherwise hardly ever reported as a symptom of food allergy. Allergy to bell pepper is frequently associated through the celery-birch-mugwort-spice syndrome.Other Information:Taxonomic Information:NEWT http://www.ebi.ac.uk/newt/display?search=4072Last modified:18 October 2006

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Clinical History

Number of Studies:1-5Number of Patients:>50

Skin Prick Test

Number of Studies:1-5Protocol: (controls, interpretation of positive etc)Not mentioned

IgE assay (by RAST, CAP etc)

Number of Studies:0IgE protocol:RAST


Oral provocation

Number of Studies:0Food provided and also dental provocation vehicle:Blind: Number of Patients:Dose response:Symptoms:No dental provocation perdeveloped

IgE cross-retask and also Polysensitisation

Ebner et al. (1998) <915> discovered immunologic cross-reactivity between allergens in seasonings from the botanic family members Apiaceae, Piperaceae, and also Solanaceae. Van Toorenenbergen et al. (2000) detected profilin particular IgE only in food-allergic patients yet not in pollen- allergic patients.

Biochemical Indevelopment for Cap a 1

Allergen Name:Cap a 1 Alternatve Allergen Names:Osmotin-prefer protein Allergen Designation:Major Protein Family:Thaumatin-prefer proteins, Pfam PF00314 Sequence Known?:Yes Allergen accession No.s:Q9ARG0: SwissProt: http://us.expasy.org/cgi-bin/niceprot.pl?Q9ARG0 AJ297410; CAC34055.2; -.EMBL / GenBank AF297646; AAK97184.1; -.EMBL / GenBank 3D Structure Accession No.:None Calculated Masses:23984.78 Da (mature protein) Experimental Masses:23 kDa Oligomeric Masses:None Allergen epitopes:Not well-known Nature of main cross-reacting proteins:Not recognized Allergen properties & biological function:Cap a 1has significant similarities to other thaumatin-prefer proteins belonging to pathogenesis-related protein team 5 and also are thmust be developed in response to pathogen infection or to osmotic tension. (Inschlag et al. 1998) Allergen purification:Not explained Other biochemical information:pI 7.53

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Biochemical Information for Cap a 2

Allergen Name:Cap a 2 Alternatve Allergen Names:None Allergen Designation:minor Protein Family:Profilin, Pfam, PF00235 Sequence Known?:yes Allergen accession No.s:Q93YI9:Swissprot: http://ca.expasy.org/cgi-bin/niceprot.pl?Q93YI9 AJ417552: EMBL / GenBank 3D Structure Accession No.: Calculated Masses:14184 Da Experimental Masses:14 kDa Oligomeric Masses:28 kDa Allergen epitopes: Allergen properties & biological function:Profilin is an actin-binding protein of the cytoskeleton

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