Triple sec is a favored orange-flavored liqueur that have the right to be discovered in plenty of of your favorite blended drinks.

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Its citrus smell is extremely unique, and also you might not recognize what the tastes choose until you shot it.

This short article will give an overview of this drink and also some information on just how to make these delicious cocktails in ~ home.

What is Triple Sec?


Triple sec is a generic surname for a form of orange-flavored liqueur.

Triple sec is frequently made native brandy, sugar, and also distilled water with added natural flavors such together oranges or other citrus fruit juices.

You can find it in many supermarkets or liquor stores near the vodka ar at about $14-$15 per bottle.

A 750 ml party usually includes 24% alcohol by volume (ABV), yet sometimes greater percentages are possible depending ~ above the brand.

It different from grand Marnier and also Cointreau in the it is a triple-distilled cordial quite than one eau de vie.

The most common range of Triple Sec in the United claims is make by DeKuyper, which has 24 percent ABV.

It is frequently mixed with various other ingredients to produce cocktails, such as margaritas or cosmopolitans.

Origins & history of Triple Sec

The history of Triple Sec is a story filled through intrigue, espionage, and also even magic.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting to reap this summer, Triple Sec is a perfect choice.

In fact, in France, they speak to it “Curaçao”. However, it’s unknown whether or no that is actually whereby it came from.

The beginning of the surname “Triple Sec” has been disputed since as early as the 1800s, through some experts attributing the location to a translation of the indigenous “triple dry”.

In contrast, others insurance claim it is a recommendation to Cointreau’s 3rd elixir formula produced in 1849.

The specific year Triple Sec was designed is debated with two suppliers claiming credit in the at an early stage 1900s.

Regardless, Triple Sec is a beautiful liquor that has actually been appreciated for centuries and also will continue to be love by generations to come.

Is Triple Sec Alcohol?


Triples sec is an alcoholic beverage made from distilled sugar beet alcohol, sugar, and also orange peels.

The toughness of the liqueur have the right to vary between 15% to 40% ABV, however most brands produce triple sec within the greater end the this range.

Triple sec may turn clouded when diluted with water.

The process is dubbed the “ouzo effect,” i beg your pardon happens because oil terpenes room invisible in a equipment containing an ext than 30% alcohol.

Products advertised together the liqueur triple sec and also under 30% alcohol by volume can be artificially colored to mask any hazy appearance.

Can you Drink Triple Sec Straight?


Triple sec is an orange-flavored liquor.

It tastes prefer Orange Crush and can be blended with vodka to do an OJTini, or various other alcohols for different drinks altogether.

You could wonder if it’s possible to drink triple sec straight, but the price is yes.

A little taste goes a long method when you’re sipping ~ above this good beverage instead of mixing it in cocktails where there space usually an ext ingredients included that mask its organic sweetness.

It walk not have much bite whatsoever, therefore don’t worry about feeling any effects native drinking too much.

Triple sec is frequently mixed with other famous cocktails such together a lengthy Island iced tea, Cosmopolitan, Kamikaze, and also Sidecar.

Does Triple Sec have actually Sugar in It?

Yes, the triple sec has sugar in it.

This is due to the fact that the liqueur imparts a sweet taste to drink that would certainly otherwise it is in tart or bitter, which way you need sweetness because that balance.

The sugar contents in Triple Sec have the right to be as high as 10.

9 grams every fl oz, for this reason we deserve to save some carbs through substituting Agave Syrup* because that the sugar and also replace the Triple Sec with Orange extract.

What go Triple Sec carry out for a Drink?


Triple sec is often used in mixed drinks and also cocktails.

It adds complexity to the glass with its citrus notes the are much more concentrated 보다 fresh oranges alone can provide.

It additionally helps prevent drinks from gaining too sweet by including balance colour or flavors choose lemon zest or lime peel into your drink cooking recipes mixers.

Depending top top the brands, triple sec can be sweetened with cane sugar, corn syrup, or a combination of both.

Some brand are additionally high in alcohol content and also may contain other ingredients such as caramel colorings and artificial flavors.

What walk Triple Sec Taste Like?


Triple sec is a well-known drink mixer with plenty of uses, from including flavor to punches and margaritas or improving the sweet of particular desserts.

While it deserve to be used in cooking, this article will focus on what makes triple sec so tasty.

Triple sec generally consists mainly of orange juice v sugar syrup flavoring, which method you’ll gain those delicious citrus notes without every the sourness discovered in continual OJ.

Triple sec, choose Curaçao, is a sweet orange flavored liqueur.

However, uneven Curaçao, triple sec consists of only the peel indigenous oranges quite than any type of other herbs or spices.

Because of this, its odor is generally less complex, offering only a citrus taste.

Although the is a fruity-tasting spirit, the citrus edge has leanings of one herbaceous high quality that remind of neroli and also orange blossom.

Triple sec is a drink flavoring that originated in the 18th century.

Back then, it had actually an overwhelming bitterness and also contained less sugar 보다 today’s triple sec does.

It was additionally stickier come taste and feel on her tongue.

Cointreau Vs. Triple Sec.


Although a usual misconception, Cointreau assets are not triple sec liqueurs.

Edouard Cointreau coined the term ‘triple sec’ in an advertisement for his product the ran in 1875.

Over time, various other triple sec brands were developed.

To store the family’s brand unique, many members decided to drop cite of it in the at an early stage 20th century.

As a result, Cointreau is an yes, really triple sec that chooses not to usage the name for purely marketing reasons.

This selection is similar to Disaronno, i m sorry calls itself “Originale” fairly than Amaretto.

How come Drink Triple Sec


Mixing triple sec v a soda will water down its flavor.

A splash the lime juice have the right to provide great balance to the sweetness, yet otherwise, you need to enjoy this liquor in every its glory.

It’s additionally worth noting the while Triple Sec was as soon as used mainly for mixing into drinks (and cocktails), recent developments have enabled us to develop liqueurs native this citrus-flavored spirit so that we may enjoy them directly up as well.

Brands like Cointreau and Grand Marnier are known for your orange-flavored liquors, which often tend to be much more popular than those make with various other fruits as result of the original creation of Triple Sec.

Serve a shooting in one old-fashioned glass because that the finest presentation (unless it’s simply for yourself).

The an ext sugar that’s on the in salt of the glass, commonly from soaking part lemon peel in basic syrup first, will offset all those tart notes even better.

Add miscellaneous sweet to balance out the bitterness: pineapple juice is always a great choice since it has natural sugars and also tastes excellent with citrusy flavors favor Triple Sec.

A twisted of orange also works well, as does lime – shot alternating between them every few sips, so you don’t obtain too boring while drinking.

To mix through alcohol, find a cocktail that doesn’t have actually too plenty of other competing flavors in that – choose your favorite Margarita or Tequila Sour.

How to keep Triple Sec?

Triple sec should be save on computer in the same method as friend store hard liquors, such together tequila.

That method you have to keep that in a cool and dry area, away from sunlight and sources that heat.

The pantry is the perfect spot, but storing it on your kitchen counter or in your living room liquor cabinet functions as well.

It would be ideal if you did not refrigerate triple sec after opened it unless you’re maintaining it for a long time, together as throughout the summer months once your pantry is exposed to sunlight and heat.

Once you open the bottle, the oxidation process starts to perform its thing.

In short, oxygen in the air reacts with the alcohol compounds an altering the taste the the liqueur.

The best method to slow down this process is come seal the up before putting the away and also make sure there isn’t lot left as soon as transferring come a smaller bottle.


Triple sec is a delicious orange-flavored liqueur that has been used in cocktails and mixed drinks for decades.

It’s likewise popular as an ingredient in some fruity desserts, like an essential lime pie.

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If you’ve never ever tried it before, however are curious to know what triple sec tastes like, now is a perfect time.