I bought some frozen shrimp on sale yet didn"t alert that there was most ice accumulation on the shrimp (and in the bottom of the package) till I got house.

Does this show that the shrimp has actually thawed and also been refrozen, or is this buildup just an indicator that the food has remained in a freezer for a long time?


This is just how shrimp is frozen for transit and also sale. The packaging must have actually a weight that has the ice aswell as the shrimp, and a weight that is shrimp only weight: The weight after they have actually totally thawed.

There will certainly also be a size grading. No of shrimp per lb or per KG based upon whether they areHOSO Head On Covering OnHLSO Headless Shell On or PeeledBreak down here

The ice coating prevents freezer burn to the shrimp, so they"ll be juicy when you defrost them fairly than dry and hard! If the have freezer burn they"ll be a opaque white discolouration on the surface. They"re still OK eat favor this - they"re desecated / dried - they"re simply really hard.

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Having shelp all this I am assuming that the packaging they"re in in undamaged, before I say that they should be fine!


This is OK to eat. Ice buildup on frozen food happens through a normal process. It is not a sign of bad managing. The food has probably invested longish time in cold storage, yet out is still safe. The taste have to additionally be ok or just minimally changed, but definitely worth eating.


I uncovered a bag of frozen shrimp which were hiding in the back of the freezer and also the bag was full of frost. When I defrosted the shrimp, they"re a tiny hard, yet still tasty and good to eat. Probably will add them to soup or a cooked dish wright here they"re not the only ingredient.


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