In addition, collards space the only Brassica (cabbage) vegetables that deserve to be harvested in winter.

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All ranges of collard greens are rich in vitamin A and also C and calcium, potassium, magnesium, folate, and also more.

If you’ve never tasted them before, friend should try them out this winter.

They do a good alternative to classic green vegetables in the winter months.

These greens deserve to be prepared in miscellaneous ways, yet It is finest to harvest them early on while tho tender.

After the an initial frost, castle taste far better cooked than eaten raw.

You may have heard collard greens described as “the queen of greens”.

They do rank high on the list of favourite foods farming up in southern cooking.

Can you frozen collard greens? Well, yes, you certainly can.

The best way to frozen them is come blanch, refrigerate the cooked greens in a freezer bag or airtight container, and keep them for up to 6 months.

This post will guide you with the measures needed to freeze collard greens and also how to thaw them.

Tips on selecting Collard Greens


Collard greens space often perplexed with kale.

They look similar and room both native the cabbage family, however collard greens have actually some distinctions that do them more desirable for cooking purposes.

Once girlfriend learn exactly how to phone call the two apart, friend will much better select the right one for your recipes.

They space similar, yet collards have actually smooth, shiny environment-friendly leaves, wherein kale has actually crinkly and curly dark green leaves.

When choosing collard greens, look because that fresh environment-friendly leaves with few yellow spots and no indications of wilting.

The stems should be firm, straight, and unblemished.

Avoid collard greens that space limp or show any kind of sign of discoloration. Also, check if the leaves room yellowing on the bottom.

Like various other vegetables, once you gain them home, save collard greens in the refrigerator because that up to four days.

Keep castle unwashed in a plastic bag before using.

If friend can’t end up them all at once, friend can additionally freeze collard greens.

This way, you’ll have actually a healthy and tasty vegetable available whenever you need it for your dishes.

Does Freezing impact Collard Greens?


Yes, freeze affects collard greens. Freezing loss the texture of collard greens and also will change their taste.

If frozen improperly, they can end up being soggy and also mushy once thawed out.

So remember come use proper packaging approaches when save in the freezer come avoid any type of nutritional deficiencies or illustration changes.

When freeze collard greens, you should an initial blanch them.

Blanching is a process of summary boiling then cooling off the produce in ice or cold water to halt enzyme action and preserve its original color, flavor, and nutritional value.

It likewise helps tenderize somewhat challenging vegetables, choose collard greens, mustard greens, broccoli rabe, kohlrabi tops, etc.

Don’t issue if friend don’t have an ice cream bath handy; put the vegetables instantly in a key of ice cream water after blanching functions well.

By act this, collard greens will preserve their bright eco-friendly color and crisp texture after freezing.

How to frozen Collard Greens?


Like many other irpari vegetables, you need to blanch them before freezing.

This will aid keep their flavor and also color intact for up to 6 months. Freezing collard greens is an easy and simple to do.

However, there room a couple of steps to follow to prepare them because that the freezer properly.

First of all, you should drainpipe excess water after ~ washing your fresh collard greens.

Putting them on record towels to eliminate as lot moisture as feasible will avoid ice crystals from developing or freezer burn and also increase the warehouse time in your freezer.

Afterward, blanch collard greens for three minutes.

When blanching, use one of these two methods: put the leaves right into rapidly cook water for 30 seconds then submerging them immediately into ice water or immersing fresh collards in a big pot of boil water for 3 minutes.

Blanching assist preserves the appetizing appearance, texture, and also taste of your veggies.

It also makes the veggies prepared to it is in frozen.

Freezing collard greens in a freezer bag is an excellent way to keep your vegetable for up to 6 months.

You can also use vacuum packaging devices to save them for much longer periods.

Make certain to mark the bag or container v the date of preparation and the variety of leaves you placed there for much easier identification.

I prefer to usage freezer bags since they are flexible, basic to store, and much more importantly, I can see just how well-frozen my collard greens are by feather at your color.

How to Thaw Frozen Collard Greens?


Now the you know exactly how to frozen collard greens, just how would girlfriend thaw them?

There space several approaches for thawing frozen vegetables, and also which one you select will count on how easily you need them to be ready.

Remember that if her greens were frozen improperly (like in a plastic bag), they can get mushy and soggy as soon as thawing, so it’s best to use the slowest method available for thawing the end your collard greens.

1 – at room temperature.

When thawing collard greens in ~ room temperature, friend should location your frozen greens somewhere wherein they can thaw slowly, so that their texture won’t it is in damaged.

You can also speed increase the process by placing them in a key of cold water.

This way, they’ll be thawed out in about an hour.

If you’re to plan on sautéing your collard greens, it’s finest to thaw them first before including them right into the pan completely.

This enables their flavor and color to remain intact during cooking.

2 – In the fridge.

Another popular method of thawing frozen collard greens is placing lock in the refrigerator.

This will take around a day come thaw out completely.

Whichever an approach you choose, make certain to plan and use her frozen ingredients as shortly as possible so that they won’t walk bad.

How to chef Thawed Collard Greens?


Once you’ve successfully thawed your collard greens, it’s time to chef them.

Now you can be wondering: how do I chef thawed collard greens?

The ready of cooked, tender collard greens is really an easy and easy.

You have the right to either vapor them or sauté lock (or both) in a frying pan with some oil and also seasonings.

Steaming collard greens is one of the easiest means to prepare them.

To carry out this, place the s collards right into a steamship basket along with some water or broth for 30 minutes.

If you’re to plan on utilizing a pot with much less volume, make certain to ar a rack in the bottom of it for far better cooking results.

You deserve to also include some aromatics (onions, garlic, ginger) right into the water to give your collard greens a an ext intense flavor.

After you’ve steam the greens, eliminate them native the pot and also drain any type of excess water.

Add butter to her collard greens while they room still warm. This’ll assist draw the end their nutritious juices.

You can likewise top them through a dash the salt and pepper for that extra kick of flavor.

If you desire a healthier option, feel free to use vinegar or lemon juice instead of butter.

How to Tell if Frozen Collard Greens room Bad?


Since frozen collard greens are maintained on the exact same shelf as other frozen veggies, you could be wondering: How have the right to I tell if mine frozen collard greens have gone bad?

The an initial thing to inspect is their color.

If your greens have actually started transforming brown approximately the edges or they’re already a dark green color, it’s finest to throw them away.

If the color of her collard greens look at normal, odor them to view if they have a bad odor.

If they do, litter them away best away.

Fresh ones need to not have any type of off-putting smells.

You can likewise check your texture rather of seeing and smelling them to make certain they space still fresh.

If they feel slimy to the touch, litter them far without further thought.

If your collard greens pass all these tests and also you’re quiet not certain whether or not they are safe come eat, it’s ideal to discard them.

You don’t desire to take any chances.


In conclusion, collard greens are very healthy, even if it is you’re cooking them or freeze them.

If you’re in search of a way to keep your collard greens if retaining your taste and also texture, freezing is the way to go.

4-5 minutes of prep job-related is every it takes come freeze this delicious veggies.

Once you’ve effectively frozen her collard greens, usage them in soups, stews, or casseroles.

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You can also use them as a substitute for cabbage on traditional recipes like coleslaw (great v low carb, keto, or paleo diets).