Phenergan is a first generation antihistamine, however it is likewise used because that its sedative and antiemetic properties.

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Some dog are an excellent candidates because that this drug, and you’ll be happy come hear the it normally works without complications.


With that being said, we do not recommend that leftover Phenergan be detailed to your valuable pet dog.

While short-lived use can be beneficial, over there are several things come consider prior to treatment deserve to begin. Keep analysis to find out more…

With Vet Approval, your Dog deserve to Take Phenergan

The main concerns are misuse, inappropriate dosing and also interactions with various other drugs.

Promethazine (trade name Phenergan) is usually safe, however play it for sure by very first getting your dog diagnosed.

There can be a difficulty that can’t be promoted Phenergan and, if so, administering it might make matters worse.

MultiplePhenergan Uses

Promethazine is favored due to the fact that it is a reasonable treatment for many different usual canine problems.

Dogs with allergies or hypersensitivity disorders respond to Phenergan. Indeed, this Antihistamine has actually a great track record.

The drug is additionally super helpful for movement sickness or if your dog demands to it is in calmed.

However, there might be far better and more appropriate alternatives for her pet’s details situation. That is whereby an knowledgeable veterinarian come in!

Read an ext about antiemetics because that dogs.

Harmful medicine Interactions

Is your dog is on other medications?

Promethazine may negatively connect with medicine such as Hydroxyzine.

Bad communication possibilities are compounded with canines. Dogs are an ext susceptible come harm. Their interior organs are smaller.

Make no mistake about it:

Phenergan have the right to be dangerous.

Safe Dosing because that Dogs

This is for recommendation only and also checking v your vet is a must.

1mg because that every 2 pounds, take away twice day-to-day is the maximum Phenergan dose for most dogs.

Sometimes a higher amount is needed, however the risks increase. Dosing should also depend top top your therapy objective.

Most owner crush increase tablets and also mix the materials in with continuous dog food.

But do not provide any lot of Phenergan if you lack the knowledge. This likewise goes for various other antihistamines.

Phenergan’s next Effects

Every drug comes through the potential for scary side impacts andPhenergan is no different.

Your dog may suffer indigenous a central nervous device depression which have the right to be fairly serious.

Closely watch over her dog once they’re on Phenergan. Dried mouth is common, however sometimes the sedative effects can be overwhelming for animals.

Ask your vet about the possibility ofPolaramine rather of Promethazine.

The Bottom Line

Phenergan deserve to help specific dogs, relying on their details circumstances, though over there are threats and possible side effects.

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The drug is sedative and generally works for high-strung pets. For example, this prescription antiemetic is frequently used for road trips.