Paints have different finishes, and also these influence numerous factors - indigenous cleaning and also maintenance, come gloss and how lot light the repaint will reflect.

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You might be wondering whether you have the right to paint over satin paint with eggshell, and also the prize is yes, friend can.


This is a pretty simple process, and we’ll be acquisition you through the steps throughout this article.

First though, those the difference between these 2 paints, and what are the pros and also cons the each? Let’s take it a look…

Eggshell paint

Eggshell has a contempt matte end up that each other the smooth surface ar of, well, one eggshell. That conceals surface imperfections well thanks to its reduced reflectivity, it’s cheap to purchase, and is straightforward to apply. The fence is the it’s no as long lasting or easy to clean together satin paint, which renders it less than appropriate for high-traffic locations of the home.

Satin paint

Satin reflects slightly more light 보다 eggshell and has a soft sheen to it. The greater level the gloss enables it to add much more depth to tiny spaces, and also it’s also more durable, which renders it a great option because that high traffic and also moisture-prone areas of the home. It’s also easier to wipe clean.

How-to guide: painting eggshell end satin

Before friend start, make certain you have everything you need to obtain the task finished, including:

Trisodium PhosphateRagPrimerPaint Brush & RollerPaintSandpaper (120- or 150- grit)Scotch Brite spongeDrop Cloths

To prepare or no to prep?

If the satin repaint is fresh, you deserve to paint end it v the eggshell paint straight away.

However, if the paint job is older 보다 a pair of weeks, you’ll must prep the walls first, consisting of sanding and priming the walls.

Check out the steps listed below to find out exactly how to carry out this.

Step 1: recognize the repaint type

While it’s tempting to dive straight in, you an initial need to determine whether the satin repaint that’s currently on your wall is water or oil-based.

You can find out through sanding the wall surfaces and evaluating the debris.

If you notice dust fall off together you sand, this is one indicator the oil-based paint, while water-based repaint is recognizable through the latex goop that will gather on your sandpaper.

You’ll need to match your eggshell paint accordingly to acquire the ideal results.

Step 2: clean the wall

Before painting any type of wall, you need to clean the surface ar to remove any dirt and also grease and also ensure a smooth applications of paint. Use a trisodium phosphate solution to do this, and also rinse fine with warm water afterward.

After cleaning, wait 48 hours for the walls to extensively dry prior to moving onto the next step, otherwise, the paint won’t stick come the surface ar properly.

Step 3: use a inside wall (optional)

Using a inside wall is crucial if your satin paint is darker 보다 the brand-new eggshell repaint you’ll it is in applying. This will certainly make the paint much easier to covering up, otherwise, making use of a inside wall isn’t vital for satin paint.

Step 4: use the eggshell paint

Now you’re finally ready to apply your eggshell paint, and also you should have actually a thoroughly smooth surface ar to job-related with.

You’ll require a paintbrush and also roller for using your paint. For latex paint, it’s finest to usage a brush with artificial bristles, whereas for oil-based paint, natural bristles occupational best.

Use a roller to apply your paint in a ‘W’ or ‘M’ form - this up and down motion will carry out an even coating - if the brush can be used for the edges and also any hard-to-reach areas.

It’s crucial to leave ample time before applying the second coat, so examine the manufacturer guidelines because that the drying time. This will certainly be at least 5 hours, yet ideally, you need to wait overnight before moving top top the following step.

Step 5: correct any imperfections

You’ll now require to even out imperfections top top the walls, and for this you deserve to lightly scuff the surface ar with a scotch Brite sponge. This functions to de-gloss the paint, and get rid the streaks, drips, and also other imperfections.

For areas that need more attention, together as big droplets of paint, you deserve to use 120- or 150- grit sandpaper. If the sandpaper doesn’t perform the project on huge drips, scrape them off and also use a razor tongue to flatten the surface.

Once you’ve finished correcting any imperfections, wipe the walls v a rag to remove any type of dust and debris.

Step 6: apply the second coat of paint

Once did you do it corrected any kind of droplets and also streaks, that time to use your 2nd layer the paint. Apply the paint in a thin, even layer. Execute this as closely as possible, as if you mess up, you’ll have to go back and make corrections before reapplying one more layer the paint.

Can you repaint over satin repaint without sanding?

It’s possible to paint over satin paint without sanding, however, sanding is always a an excellent idea because it evens out any kind of imperfections and provides you v an even surface to paint on. If you don’t sand the walls, friend should certainly clean them twice with a rag and also water come remove any type of grime and debris.

Is eggshell or satin more durable?

Satin is frequently the repaint of selection in high traffic areas as it’s much more durable. This is due to the fact that of its higher sheen. This method that it’s to be formulated with much less pigment and much more binders - ie. Materials that make the paint much more flexible, tough, and able to wake up again wear and also tear.

Which is simpler to clean, satin or eggshell?

Again, satin is generally much easier to clean. That is slicker surface renders it easier to wipe down and remove debris, dirt, mildew, and also dust. Eggshell contains an ext pigments, and also as a result, has a rougher surface ar which requires an ext elbow grease to acquire clean.

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Final Say

It’s easy enough to paint over satin repaint with eggshell, and we hope this short article has helped present you how. The key thing come remember as soon as painting any wall surface is come adequately prep the surface beforehand, as this will certainly ensure far an ext even and professional results.