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Painting problems - level over Eggshell (Lowes, color, room, cleaning)
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I painted a room over the weekend(sunday) v a rather dark blue shade in eggshell. The did no cover the light color underneath in places and also would need another coat. Ns did not prefer the glossy watch of the eggshell so ns purchased level paint. Multiple virtual forums and the workers at lowes called me it have to cover no problem. As soon as I started painting tonight the repaint dripped like crazy. The does not show up to be adhering properly. I quit after doing only a few sections as I dont desire to need to sand the totality room. What am i doing wrong, will I should prime the room, sand the old paint off completely
We did this once. Prior to putting a flatter (satin) paint over a glossier repaint (semi-gloss) us sanded the walls. You carry out not have to sand turn off the paint, just scuff it up a bit. Then wipe the dust off. It to be a pain to do, even though it was a small room, yet the result was precious it.
Peel off everything can come off. Know that that takes awhile even after the repaint dries to really dry and adhere.It may aid to offer the wall an ext "tooth", by lightly sanding the glossy first.I have found that cleaning the original paint well first, climate priming through a gray tinted primer permits me to paint a light shade over a darker shade much better. You can buy a "hiding" gray primer at lowes and also most paint stores. This specifically covers dark reds and blues.Frank
Sanding works, yet there is an less complicated solution. Go to Lowes, HD, or any kind of paint store and buy part TSP (tri-sodium phosphate). The is what is known as a deglosser, and also will eliminate the sheen from the previously used paint. Spray the on with a squirt bottle, wait a few minutes, and wash the walls through clean water. Let the wall surfaces dry fully before you use paint.Some civilization say ammonia works as well, however I"ve had actually much better results through TSP, and it"s no that high-quality (about 6 bucks because that a typical sized squirt bottle).
We go this once. Before putting a flatter (satin) repaint over a glossier paint (semi-gloss) us sanded the walls. You perform not have to sand off the paint, simply scuff it up a bit. Climate wipe the dust off. It was a pain come do, also though it was a small room, yet the result was worth it.

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I agree, lightly stormy it up, than proceed to paint, it should work. . When I painted end my paneling, i roughed it up, 1 coat of primer, climate 2 coats that eggshell.
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