Red Dead Redemption 2 is one more one that those games players store discovering brand-new things in, also years later. In this case, it was revealed that among the beloved personalities in the RDR collection has been deceiving players for a long time.

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Rockstar"s Red Dead Redemption series is tightly associated to man Marston, the protagonist the the first game, and also Arthur Morgan"s partner in the 2nd entry. Man Marston differs considerably from other typical personalities thanks come his voice, scars, and many other attributes. And yet, among his most iconic characteristics is his i can not qualify to swim. However, one player accidentally damaged that legend in Red Dead Redemption 2, proving the Marston was a liar every along.

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together Arthur Morgan, players regularly do missions side by side through John Marston in Red Dead Redemption 2. When doing so, one player displayed that man Marston can swim after ~ all. Redditor alexgiiraud post a video clip from a train robbery once Marston, Dutch, and Morgan run through the railroad bridge. The player pushes john Marston, who fell down and quickly ended up in the river. Yet rather 보다 go down and trigger the mission failure, john safely swims come the nearest shore. Inspect out the video for yourself:

The Redditor was quite surprised through this outcome. The even drew his gun and also shot at john Marston, come ensure this is not some sort of a glitch. Marston successfully reached the shore and do it to his horse to continue the mission as if nothing had happened.

That incident doesn"t actually median John has been lying come his gang and us the whole time. You deserve to watch his awkward attempts come swim by climbing into the water yourself, playing as Marston in Red Dead Redemption 2"s epilogue. The more likely scenario is that Rockstar devs deliberately have offered all NPCs the exact same animations and also behaviors during the story missions, for this reason that"s why man Marston acted so unexpectedly.

Red Dead Redemption 2 hosts plenty of strange glitches and bizarre encounters, like NPC"s eye popping out from their heads once they"re sitting on a bench. That is just a matter of time before players find something even more intriguing 보다 Marston"s true nature.

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