You have likely heard throughout your life that oil-based paints cannot be combined with other species of paint. At the same time, girlfriend may have actually been told that you can use latex repaint on optimal of an oil-based primer. Both of these ideas are true, which might at an initial sound confusing. The facts, once damaged down, are much less confusing 보다 they first appear.

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Why Oil Paints Don’t Mix

Oil-based paints have been provided for centuries, and also despite numerous innovations, a few facts have remained significant in the imaginative world. The first of this is the oil paints take it a long time to dry. Contemporary oil paints dry much faster, however, lock still dried at a different rate than latex or acrylics.

Furthermore, if you were to usage an oil paint over latex, the brand-new paint will certainly expand and contract at a different rate than the basic layer, leading to it come crack. Latex will not appropriately stick when applied directly on height of one oil-based layer there is no preparation, and may conveniently crack or peel.

Using Latex on an Oil-BasedPrimer

There are numerous reasons to usage latex paint over one oil primer, and the outcomes are a strong, lasting surface. As a general rule, latex primers are used for drywall and soft woods, back there are a couple of notable exceptions. Oil primers and also paints take much longer to dry and require extr ventilation, meaning a blend of latex and oil deserve to reduce time and discomfort without sacrificing durability.

Reasons to choose an Oil-Based Primer

While some brands the primer space able to job-related universally through both oil and latex paints, there are particular times as soon as an oil-based primer is more efficient 보다 a latex primer. These instances include:

varnished or unfinished woodwood at risk to bleeding tannins, such as redwood and also cedarpainting over chalky or badly damaged paintwood which has actually been severely weathereddamp settings such as bathroomscan it is in tinted at the repaint store if you will certainly be usingvery irradiate or dark colors

Determining If your Walls have Oil-BasedPaint

There are a couple of important steps to follow as soon as attempting to include latex paint to an already-painted wall, the most important of i m sorry is determining whether or no you will be painting over an oil paint. Come prepare for the new paint, do the adhering to steps:

Feel the wall. Oil is smooth and glossy, when latex often tends to be matte and has a more rubbery finish.Dip a cotton swab right into acetone and also test the painted surface. Latex will certainly dissolve slightly while oil will remain unaffected.If you have established the existing paint is oil-based, girlfriend will should rough the surface ar using 100-grit sandpaper till the gloss has vanished, then to wash the surface and enable it to dry. Friend will now be may be to include the bonding primer.

Placing Latex over the Oil Primer

Oil-based primers take at the very least eight hours to dry. You may have to lightly sand the primer over smooth wood surfaces v 180-grit sandpaper to provide an less complicated bonding surface. Be sure to to wash away any kind of dust caused by the sanding and permit the area to dried before including your paint. Together a basic rule, 2 evenly used layers that latex paint will be required over the primer. Enable between two and four hours for every layer come dry.

A room will certainly take about 16 hrs of drying time in between the primer and two class of latex. This does not incorporate the dry time ~ cleaning, no one the time forced for the painting process itself. However, you may spread the project over a duration of days, so long as the task is perfect within two weeks of using the primer.

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Additional Resources

Today’s Homeowner offers a guide further discussing the differences between oil, latex, and shellac-based primers.