Age saw 2 quiet children Go love by in ~ twilight, the knew no whether homeward, Or outside from the village, Or (chimes to be ringing) churchward, the waited, (they were strangers) Till castle were out of hearing to bid them both be happy. "Be happy, happy, happy, and seize the job of pleasure." The age-long theme is Age"s. "Twas Age applied on poems their gather-roses load To warn against the danger That overtaken lover From being overflooded With happiness should have it. And yet not recognize they have actually it. Yet bid life seize the present? that lives less in the current Than later always, and also less in both together Than in the past. The current Is too lot for the senses, too crowding, as well confusing- Too current to imagine.

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The article of this city is not happiness. It is from the allude of see of one old sad man, who wishes the young might realize that they room happy now, but knows they rather are feather to their future, missing their present lives. It is a sad poem. One filled with regret, and also desire to relive the past, discovering that the is never to return. Lot of Frost"s poetry seems happy at an initial glance, but yet only a small below the surface is regret, loneliness, and also sadness. I love it.

ns think Frost is reconciled come the fact that civilization don"t know just how to live in the present. He accepts that"s simply the means it is. The is commenting top top the futility the advising united state to "carpe diem". The leopard cannot readjust its spots. The is what ns think he is saying, I"m not sure he is correct.

The an interpretation of carpe diem as used by Horace is not to ignore the future, yet rather no to to trust that every little thing is walking to autumn into location for you and taking activity for the future today.The same In Frost"s poem...

"Be happy, happy, happy, and also seize the job of pleasure.".........From gift overfloodedWith happiness should have actually it............present and also future and also the pleasure making goal everything is circulation of existing grab the current as the genuine life...........thoughtful......10+

The presentIs too much for the senses, also crowding, also confusing- Too existing to imagine. Worth remembering

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