Real life. There's a coon who likes come kinda climb up near the within of my home window and my cat do the efforts to fear it away. He's an indoor cat, for this reason I understand he's safe, yet I'm wondering that would win.

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Cats tend to be an ext aggressive than many animals, so i think what would really occur is the cat would scare far the raccoon, even though the raccoon would success if they combated to the death.

The cat is well-fed, and also the raccoon probably isn't, therefore there's that to consider as well.

Kitty doesn't stand a chance.

I've seen raccoons take on totality packs the dogs and also keep them at bay, I've also had a dog killed by one. Coons have the right to climb favor squirrels, run choose rabbits, swim favor a beaver, and they can bite hard sufficient to take her fingers off.

I had actually one together a pet when I was a kid, it could rip the chicken wire in the cage far enough to acquire out whenever the wanted.

Your kitty can have claws and teeth, however it would take a full grown feral tom simply to make it through an mean coon.

True story: I had a cat, a Russian blue, maybe 15-20 pounds who combated a raccoon. She ended up death it by tearing it's throat, and also it had really deep cut on that abdomen. Unfortunately for the cat, she suffered an extremely deep cut on she hind legs and her chest, and also had damaged ribs. She had to be put to sleep due to the severity of her injuries.

This cat was a badass, and well skilled in hunting and also killing all sorts of animals. Ns honestly think your usual house cat will certainly not win versus a raccoon, and also if they execute will finish up like my cat, and it will certainly be a Pyrrhic victory. Castle are about the exact same size together a cat, and also cats generally kill prey smaller than themselves. Raccoons room vicious and intelligent.

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When the cat touches the raccoon. The raccoon will kill that quickly. The cat has the slight benefit of speed, but it is domesticated and lazy. The raccoon wins quickly.


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