What? there is a architecture for a grain bowl separate milk…technology is finally working for us! No more soggy grain bowl mornings.

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What is this wonderful innovation that solves soggy grain for kids and also adults approximately the world?

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Sometimes, it’s simply one that those days. You to water a bowl of cereal, placed the cereal away, then placed the milk away. As you’re doing that, the call rings. Girlfriend answer it, and by the time you sit earlier down, your grain is soggy.

It’s the sad version of If You offer a computer mouse a Cookie, because no one enjoys soggy cereal.

Cereal Bowl the Separates grain from Milk

This could be the best mom systems (or picky kid solution) come soggy cereal!

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Yep, the anti-soggy cereal bowl is a thing.

Just Crunch Anti-Soggy grain Bowl Keeps grain Fresh

The simply Crunch Anti-Soggy grain Bowl allows you store your milk and also cereal separate for each and also every bite.

Courtesy the AmazonDivided grain Bowl

These cereal bowls attribute a divide near the facility of the bowl, leave deep compartments because that both cereal and milk.

The bowls are BPA-free plastic, microwave safe, lightweight, and unbreakable.

They’re great for kids and grown ups too.

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Besides cereal and milk, this bowls job-related perfectly for soup and also crackers, chips and also salsa, veggies and also dips, yogurt and fruit, fries and also ketchup, or any kind of other food you great to keep different until friend eat it.

They have the right to accommodate hot foodstuffs as well, so friend can also enjoy yummy principles like tomato soup through grilled cheese sandwiches come dip.

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The simply Crunch Anti-Soggy grain Bowl is accessible on Amazon because that $8.99 for one bowl, $14.99 because that two, and $21.99 for three.

Courtesy that Amazon

More Divided cereal Bowls us Love

When i looked right into this anti-soggy grain craze, I uncovered that there to be several alternatives available. In fact, I have one of these in my very own cupboard! below are some more options if girlfriend are searching for crispy cereal in the morning:

Yes, I simply said that ns didn’t even know I essential an anti-soggy grain bowl until I had one!

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Do you have an anti-soggy grain bowl in ~ home? perform you usage it every morning?


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