The"> → tag used for largest heading dimension → tag supplied for the smallest heading sizeSyntax:starrkingschool.netThe">

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→ tag offered for biggest heading size

→ tag used for smallest heading size


Therefore choice 1 is correct

Important Points:

The ,


, , and aspects are supplied to create headings in descending stimulate of importance




Q2. Match the trouble domains in team I with the systems technologies in team II.Group IGroup IIPService-oriented computing1InteroperabilityQHeterogeneous connecting systems2BPMNRInformation representation3Publish-find-bindSProcess description4XML
Q4. Which that the adhering to statements about XML is/are True ?(A) XML is a collection of tag designed to tell browsers exactly how to screen text and images in a net page.(B) XML defines a syntax because that representing data. Yet the definition of data different from application to application(C) , and also room three various tags in XML.Choose the exactly answer from the choices given below:
Q5. Which of the following statements is/are TRUE ?(a) In HTML, character entities are supplied to incorporate outside content into a web page, such as images.(b) as soon as a web server returns a cookie come a browser, the cookie will be consisted of in all future requests from the browser to the very same server.
Q6. Consider the complying with HTML table definition:
message A
text B text C
message D message E
text F
The over HTML code would render on display screen as:

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Q2. HTML (Hyper message Markup Language) has actually language elements which permit particular actions various other than explicate the structure of the internet document. Which one of the following actions is NOT sustained by pure HTML (without any server or client side scripting) pages?
Q3. Match the problem domains in team I through the systems technologies in group II.Group IGroup IIPService-oriented computing1InteroperabilityQHeterogeneous interacting systems2BPMNRInformation representation3Publish-find-bindSProcess description4XML

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Q4. Consider the complying with scenario.A web customer sends a inquiry to a web server. The web server transmits a regime to that customer and is executed at client. It create a net document. What space such web papers called?