SAN FRANCISCO — brand-new Year is the moment for reflection, the moment to ponder and also evaluate our assets and also limitations calmly. Let united state listen come the Spirit: “My Child, girlfriend shall talk more freely to Me, find out to speak come Me the the problems and also things i beg your pardon seem come disturb her vitality and also hinder her progress and also the ability to hear the voice in your soul…”

Only a strong and please spirit, such together that the St. Francis the Assisi could freely talk to oneself and also one’s Creator, and to every living soul. Transparent the ages, St. Francis has been recognized as the saint who openly talked to God through His humble creatures, brother Sun and also Sister Moon, brother Wind and also Sister Water. He spoke as well to Brother wolf to protect against pillaging the town of Gubbio. Because he interpreted that his real need was food, that fed the hungry wolf. The pet became gentle and also obeyed the saint. Ultimately the town-folk began to feed him and embraced him as a friend.

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St. Francis’ prayers to be so one-of-a-kind that they were described as Chanticles. One morning the civilization saw a vast fire spend the convent of mountain Francesco (as the Italians contact him), and his disciples, the Porziuncula. Everyone developed a fire brigade come douse the end the fire through buckets of water. As soon as they reached the courtyard the people saw mountain Francesco and his monk companions so spend in divine communion with God, that they all emanated a warmth glow that simulated fire.

The young Italian men and women idolized Francis

San Francisco is the city called after St. Francis the Assisi. That is the beloved saint that the poor and also rich alike.

Once ~ above a time top top this beloved hill town of Umbria in main Italy, there lived a affluent young cavaliero, Francesco, the boy of a an effective silk trader. He to be the toast of the town, because that his heart to be full and loving. The young noble men and also women clustered about him come hear his songs and also bask in his charms and also energy. In their eyes, Francesco might do no wrong. But one job he ended up being keenly aware of the people in want. Contrasted to his extravagant life, they did no have enough to clothe their bodies no one food to feeding them and like the untouchable lepers they go not also have girlfriend to store them company.

To the an excellent disappointment that his parents, he left home to carry out something an ext meaningful. That tried to fight because that his province and ended up being a soldier, but he to be injured. While relaxing in a little broken-down church that heard the lord speak, “Francesco, construct my church.” Francesco hurried home and sold his father’s merchandise to rebuild the church. Although he was banished native home and also disowned by his father, Francis never ever despaired but even observed the possibility to be cost-free to offer Our Lord full heartedly. Many of his friends joined him. Among them, a young noble lady, Clare, not only joined his mission but likewise persuaded her sisters and also many of her rich friends to leave their homes and also dedicate us to structure the “church the God.”

The Franciscan bespeak of men and women to be born. These brown-robed monks constructed churches not just in Italy but all end the world. In the United claims the 21 mission residences were founded along the coastline of California by dad Junipero Serra, a Franciscan monk.

Rebellion against Mexico, the yellow rush and also cutthroats

Formerly a sleepy little Mexican town with 30 families living around the adobe Custom residence guarded by a agency of nine mounties men, mountain Francisco was originally called, Yerba Buena or good herb. It ended up being the website of a Franciscan mission in 1776. In 1846, the English-speaking Californians launched the so-called “Bear Flag Rebellion” versus Mexican rule and also won. Theirs to be the shortest lived republic top top record, lasting only 26 days. Then the big republic that the united States absorbed it. A year later on 50 sailors and also marines native the USS Portsmouth remained in mountain Francisco. Today, the original site at Keary Street is called Portsmouth Plaza, and also nothing Spanish has actually remained.

If it had not been for the cry of “Gold” the place would have actually remained a sleepy village. This sent out the “Forty-Niners” rushing come California from every point of the country. Only couple of found any gold worth shouting about. Soon, the diggers to be committing suicide at the rate of 1,000 every year. Yet the yellow rush reinvented the town to a roaring, booming metropolis. Literally, anything walk —provided one can pay because that it. The city swarmed with hoodlums.

One of the most rewarding traders was “shanghaiing” doped seamen to ships bound for the far East, an especially China. Irate citizens formed vigilance committees come clean up the town of the worst cutthroats. However, lock hanged as plenty of innocents together hoodlums. Lock degenerated right into thuggery themselves. A brand-new batch the vigilantes would certainly re-organize to remove the previous lot, and also so the cycle went on viciously.

Together v the gangsters came the women from brand-new York, Paris, Vienna and Rio; “the cream and also the gutter scrapings of the world’s harlots.” They go a roaring business. Some built mansions the left plenty of pop-eyed with wonder. Together with them came a shipload that half-starved Chinese girls, sold by your parents to slave dealers in Chinatown. Attempts to clean up the children’s den, opium houses, and also gambling parlors ended with failure till the earthquake…

The great earthquake

The night before the good earthquake of mountain Francisco, the immortal Enrico Caruso sang in ~ the Opera House. By 5:13 a.m., April 1, 1906, almost all of the 400,000 inhabitants lay rapid asleep. The ground beneath the city entered convulsions. The earth was no shaking — it to be “undulating and also rolling favor an ocean breaker,” one eyewitness said. It ruptured every major water heat in the city and started a chain of fires. The firemen to be helpless. Army troops ultimately had come dynamite the whole city block to prevent the flames.

For three days the fire raged. Around 28,000 structures lay in ruins with 500 people hidden underneath. A London newspaper dispatch wrote: “The city of mountain Francisco is no more.”

But the mountain Francisco that rose from the ashes was bigger, healthier and much more beautiful 보다 before. The fire had accomplished what the reformers could not — “scared the vice and also violence out of that is bones.” The new San Francisco expanded into a sensibly law-abiding, cultured, and somewhat attractive metropolis.

The intriguing metropolis of mountain Francisco

An eight-hour drive from Los Angeles follow me the coastline of California reveals the city’s narrow peninsula jutting out between the Pacific Ocean and also San Francisco Bay. Alongside the former, lies the renowned Long Beach, Malibu and the large Sur alternately v the mission residences of mountain Juan Capistrano, Santa Barbara, san Luis Obispo and also Carmel beaches. The latter is popularly known as the only Area.

San Francisco seems to it is in as priceless as Hong Kong is to mainland China. 4 long bridges, namely: the golden Gate, the mountain Francisco Oakland Bridge, mountain Mateo Bridge and also the Dumbarton bridge tie the peninsula close to the mainland. This golden city of 40 hills is scenically topped by Telegraph Hill, Coit Tower and Nob Hill.

Visitors and also television directors (“The roads of san Francisco”) favor to film Russian Hill together a an ext colorful representative of mountain Francisco with its many crooked street snaking under the hill, garlanded v fuchsia-pink azalea bushes. The other symbol is the cable auto or tram which adheres to the scenic check out coursing through Powell Street. That goes under from the hills to Union Square whereby the renowned old hotels, room stores and Chinatown swarm together. It is an ext of a roller coaster drive. One certain descends in ~ a 350 angle because that every block. The other vivid area is Fisherman’s Wharf. The way traveler usually publications a hotel here.

The totality area is charmingly converted to a collection of boutiques housed in Ghirardelli Square and also an old fishing cannery dubbed The Cannery and Pier 39. And also then, over there is the naval Museum, the Aquatic Park and Fort Mason. ~ above the other side is little Italy through its many trattorias, ristorantes, antipasti bars and gelato ice cream cream parlors managed by old-timer Italians, who comprise 20% of san Francisco residents.

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St. Francis lovingly guides the ‘modern missionaries’ with tolerant amusement

Saint Francis have to still it is in affectionately guiding this city. This time, however, the saint would likely view through tolerant amusement specific human tastes and also foibles that would certainly mobilize the police formation elsewhere. Here, all types of individualists, oddballs and outsiders, have actually taken root: the bohemians of the 1930s, the beatniks the ‘50s, the hippies the the ‘60s, and the gays the the ‘70s. They have made the city the focal suggest of their demonstrations. And then, over there is the active Save the earth movement, Alcoholics Anonymous, Addicts Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, AIDS Anonymous, the Movement versus Drunken Drivers, and other reform groups which doubtless comprise the modern missionaries that today.