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I have constantly liked the GTO! girlfriend have any type of strut leaking former inner tires rubbing troubles with yours?With the G8 GXP, how have actually you favored yours? I also would be interested in the monte carlo ss indigenous 2007 or so. Is over there a large difference in performance between the two?
2006 Cobalt SS/SC Silver,G85, all manufacturing facility optionsGM sport Pedals,GM arm Rest, GMPP stage 2 w/2.9 Pulley. DC front Strut Tower Bar, Bwoody rear Bar, Corsa Touring Exhaust, Ingalls TQ Dampner, TTR rear persuade bar, AEM Dryflow CAI, 1 range colder NGK BKR7EIX Iridiums, ZZP double pass intercooler, Lingenfelter thermastat, vivid Header/Downpipe.

my GTO hasn"t had any strut obstacle issues, it is lowered 1 inch in the front and also uses Pedders struts. A LS4 Monte SS is a pretty car, but you are restricted to what parts are obtainable for the 5.3 V8. And, it"s FWD. Auto has great 0 - 60 yet then falls off, gearing sucks. Mine 2006 Monte SS is mine workhorse, I removed the mufflers and resonator and just run right pipe, and also she sounds prefer a dream to me... A G8 GXP would certainly kill the Monte. The Monte would placed up a fight beforehand on, climate fade away..
Good word! i think bang because that buck the GTO would certainly be the method to go the end of the 3, yet the GXP is a really Attractive looking automobile to me. I had a 2002 Monte SS, no a great performer but I loved the car.....we"ll check out what i can uncover out there.
2006 Cobalt SS/SC Silver,G85, all manufacturing facility optionsGM sport Pedals,GM eight Rest, GMPP phase 2 w/2.9 Pulley. DC former Strut Tower Bar, Bwoody behind Bar, Corsa Touring Exhaust, Ingalls TQ Dampner, TTR rear sway bar, AEM Dryflow CAI, 1 selection colder NGK BKR7EIX Iridiums, ZZP double pass intercooler, Lingenfelter thermastat, colorful Header/Downpipe.

I can write-up the slip later but here is my first time in ~ the track:Whats up people!I went to dial in my vehicle at Sacramento Raceway (which BTW is just one of the worst prepped tracks in California) and also managed a best of 14.723
96.996mph!I did manage to to win a most Mustangs the end there too! To placed this into perspective, a stock ~2007 Mustang GT best run there method 14.6. And also the pre-2000 mustangs GTs were finishing
15.6!My buddy"s bore over 302 to a 306 with heads, cam, intake, msd, cat delete and throttle human body ran a finest of 14.48. Ns am so mad and also happy at the very same time due to the fact that I thought that i was going to it is in trapping a lot faster an ext like a flat 14.0 or breaking 13s. Yet hey, it to be the track. 350Zs were running 15.0s and also a stock Genesis N/A ran a 15.6 in ~ best.

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Any questions around the Balt, every answered here:
The slip check out as follows:Reaction: 0.678 (I know, it was slow)T1: 2.467T2: .000T3: 9.647MPH (T3): 75.126I4: 12.411ET: 14.723MPH: 96.996^^BEST run OF THE NIGHT. Second was 14.829
Any questions around the Balt, all answered here:
2.086(same together the 13sec auto in the various other lane). It is pretty fast for a truck(4900lbs), especially when a hemi is a manufacturing engine and also can almost keep up with the Lightning"s supercharged V8. I am pleased with the truck very much, considering ns walked out the door paying only $23,000ish.As much as the aero. Of a brick, you are absolutely right. I still deserve to go about 125-130 stock...aerodynamics of a brick Click come expand...
the very MOST behind. Any kind of stock lightning would be over a half a 2nd ahead of you and also several mph!! You additionally ran a pretty exceptional 60ft. Time so over there is no way you"d improve much on the time without part mods and also once you begin talking mode the Lightning would certainly inhiliate friend dollar for dollar.Why carry out so many people have to B.S. About what your vehicles can do? You have a good truck but it is what that is. Just be happy with it or sell it. I gain sick of listening the capture phrase "Hemi" five wow "she"s acquired a hemi in her" Oooo Ahhhh that engine is as comparable to the original "Hemi" together a Coblat is come the Cavalier or a handgun is to warm dog. Gimme a break! correct it"s cool but get real...the track is truth serum therefore let"s make some realistic comparisons already!
yea the dude v the truck is high lol however my time because that my cobalt TC was 12.78 in ~ 114mph then after that operation we walk bracket racing ns was for this reason excited then ran a 18.7 at 56mph because i blew my cold wait intake off lmfao lol to be done for the night
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