Pocket and probe thermometers are vital for ensuring food security in foodservice operations and commercial kitchens because they administer chefs with a quick, accurate means to measure up the inner temperature of cooked ingredients. Comark has actually been a reliable manufacturer of high-quality thermometers due to the fact that 1963 and offers a wide catalog the technologically advanced options for surveillance the temperatures of food and also equipment. However, as one of Comark"s top-selling models, the PDT300 thermometer shows that a simple digital pocket thermometer continues to be the go-to alternative for numerous foodservice professionals. Even if it is you already have this in her kitchen or space still considering your options, here"s every little thing you must know around using and maintaining her Comark PDT300, from calibration come battery replacement.

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PDT300 Thermometer Features

As a digital bag thermometer, the Comark PDT300 has actually an LCD display and also 3-inch stem v a tapered 11⁄2-millimeter broad that can accurately temp slim foods. The PDT300 provides operators several useful features, including:

Waterproof design. good for use in humid kitchens or to verify the temperature that dishwasher cycles.Antimicrobial protection. made from products imbued through BioCote® to stand up to the expansion of microbes.Combination sheath, handle, and also clip. Probe sheath attaches come the end of the thermometer to produce a handle, and a clip top top the back of the sheath enables cooks to connect the thermometer to your pocket.Auto power-off. preservation battery life through automatically turning itself off once not in use for 35 minutes.360-degree temperature range. Responds within 6 seconds to measure temperatures in a selection of -58 come 302 degrees Fahrenheit to 2 degrees of accuracy. (Celsius variety is -50 come 150 degrees.)Data hold. pushing the D-H ("data hold") switch located under the NSF logo design to the right of the display will hold the existing measurement therefore it have the right to be recorded. Pressing it again dismisses the organized reading.Celsius and Fahrenheit readings. Temperature display can it is in switched between Celsius and also Fahrenheit.Field calibration. Thermometer have the right to be calibrated through the end user to ensure accuracy.

How carry out I calibrate my Comark PDT300 thermometer?

Before utilizing the Comark PDT300, it should undergo ar calibration come ensure it have the right to accurately measure up temperatures. This is an easy process that have the right to be excellent in your kitchen v an ice cream or water bath, efficiently calibrating the thermometer at 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 levels Celsius.

To ar calibrate her PDT300 thermometer, Comark recommends adhering to these steps:

Prepare an ice water systems containing 60 percent ice and 40 percent madness water. Do no calibrate her Comark thermometer using any other methods.With the thermometer on, submerge at the very least 11⁄2 inches of the 3-inch stem right into the ice water.Wait until the display provides a stable analysis within 2 levels of 32 (if calibrating because that Fahrenheit) or within 1 level of 0 (if calibrating because that Celsius).To begin calibration, hold the D-H switch for 8 seconds.When CAL has been presented for 2 seconds, calibration is complete. Note: CAL shows on the display screen whenever the data hold button is held for 8 seconds, but recalibration does no take location unless the thermometer"s stem is inserted in ice cream water.Your PDT300 thermometer is calibrated and also ready come use.

How perform I readjust the PDT300 thermometer from C to F?

The temperature display can be changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit through one button. If the thermometer is off, press and hold the "ON/OFF" button (located to the left the the display) to cycle the display in between Fahrenheit and Celsius. When your wanted temperature range is shown, release the button.

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How perform I replace the Comark PDT300 battery?

When the digital display screen flashes between "LOB" and a temperature reading, her PDT300 thermometer has actually a low battery. To replace the battery, use a coin or likewise shaped device to remove the battery cover located on the back of the thermometer. The PDT300 thermometer calls for an AB13 instead of battery, i beg your pardon is marketed in a load of two.