Conduction entails the deliver of electric charge or ___________ because of the motion of particles.thermal energylight wavesprotonsneutrons
Conduction requires the move of electric charge or heat energy as result of the movement of particles.
Conduction involves the deliver of electrical charge or ___________ as result of the movement of particles. Thermal energy light tide protons neutrons
Conduction entails the move of electrical charge or heat energy because of the activity of particles.
Cindy pours cool milk right into a hot bowl that oatmeal and then stirs it through a room-temperature spoon. Which substance will have heat circulation from it come the various other substances?the milkthe spoonthe oatmealthe surrounding air
Cindy pours cool milk into a warm bowl of oatmeal and then stirs it v a room-temperature spoon. The oatmeal will have actually heat flow from it to the various other substances.

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Which is the exactly order of materials in regards to reflectivity, from least to greatest?brown soil, beige sand, white paper, black asphaltwhite paper, beige sand, brown soil, black asphaltblack asphalt, brown soil, beige sand, white paperbeige sand, white paper, black color asphalt, brown soil
Black asphalt, brown soil, beige sand, white record is the exactly order of products in terms of reflectivity, from the very least to greatest.
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