What step is similar when creating a circle inscribed in a triangle and a one circumscribed around a triangle? build the angle bisectors of each angle in the triangle. Build the perpendicular bisectors of each side that the triangle. Ar the compass ~ above a vertex and also use the bisectors to draw the circle. Place the compass top top the intersection the the bisectors to draw the circle.

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The 3 angle bisectors of a triangle meet at a typical point. After constructing two of them, that point is the center of the inscriptions circle. Friend still need to construct a perpendicular through that allude to one of the sides of the triangle. The allude where the perpendicular intersects the next of the triangle will help determine the opening of the compass when drawing the inscribed circle. The last step will be to place the compass point on the intersection suggest of the edge bisectors and also draw the circle.
The perpendicular bisectors of each side the a triangle likewise meet in ~ a common allude (which will certainly be the center of the circumscribed circle). After constructing two the the perpendicular bisectors, ar the compass suggest on the allude of intersection, open the compass so the the pencil touches among the vertices the the triangle (this is the radius the the circumscribed circle. The last step will be comparable to the fourth choice that your provided choices.

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If you space not sure exactly how to construct angle bisectors and/or perpendicular bisectors carry out a search for something choose "construct one inscribed in triangle".
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