Hello again! In this guide, I will go over the keyboard configuration ns use, as well as some general guidelines for setup up one optimal configuration.

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Many console quit vets will want to usage a GameCube controller. This no a problem; many top tournament players usage controllers. However, utilizing a keyboard has actually some distinctive advantages. Firstly, over there is a keyboard-only advanced technique called Multi-Directional input (MDI) that uses the unique capability in SSF2 to push two directions simultaneously. This enables you to carry out neutral-B and also jab out of a run and teleport in place with specials that enable it. Controllers cannot perform this method unless you significantly remap the classic button configuration, which method that you shed the advantage of maintaining the very same muscle memory.

Secondly, keyboards are more efficient from an ergonomic perspective because that performing numerous techniques. Back you might argue this is subjective, there are some target points in the keyboard’s favor: making use of every finger method individual fingers need to move less, methods like multishining no longer require any kind of finger motion besides pressing buttons in place, and also the inputting wrist place is much less likely to reason injury than the GameCube’s.

If you’d like to usage a controller, girlfriend should set that up and also use it, no problem. However, if you’d like to set up her keyboard, but don’t recognize where to start, this is the place for you! I’ll start by merely showing my configuration, and also then later explain the relevant considerations to making use of your own. This is mine configuration. That is guarantee to not hinder your ability to execute competitively, therefore if you desire a an easy config to copy this is for you:


Sample keyboard configuration (TCS)

Here are the things I would think about essential in an optimized keyboard setup, in addition to some explanation of your importance:

Do not use tap jump.

In console Smash, you can perform up-tilts by tilting the regulate stick just a little, therefore as not to cause a run if tap run is rotate on. SSF2 has actually digital inputs, for this reason this i will not ~ work. In bespeak to carry out standing utilts, that is crucial to save tap run off.

Tap jump also makes particular character-specific inputs, such together Yoshi’s rising nair, daunting or impossible. It should be rotate off.

Have a dash key even if d-tap dash is enabled, or usage auto-dash.

Let’s speak you’re a Falco chaingrabbing a Fox with earlier throw. This chaingrab (escapable with SDI, yet that’s not important) requires a back dash after ~ every grab, with really tight timing.

SSF2 has a buffering mechanism that will permit you come frame-perfectly dash back. However, this needs a way of buffering dash. D-tap dash cannot be buffered, so that won’t work-related as the only means of initiating a dash. Therefore, also if you don’t usage it all the time, friend should have actually a dash key or usage auto-dash. The way, you have the right to buffer dashes easily and also not miss chaingrabs or followups since of lost time standing.

Now I’ll describe a small bit an ext about the C-stick buttons and also whether you must use them. Because that those unaware, the C-stick buttons enable you to input smash assaults or aerials through a single button press: C-stick Up enables you come uair or usmash without pushing up and attack, however rather a solitary button. A completely optimal player would always use C-stick buttons because that aerials, together they permit you to get perfect aerial drift due to the fact that you don’t need to press the directional buttons, even for a frame. (This method that relocating forward in the wait while inputting a bair would be cleaner, as the reverse.)

In lieu that that, however, there room some details sequences that come to be easier with C-stick inputs that it is recommended to shot and incorporate. These are naturally character-specific in utilization, so some character mains could have to discover most of these, and others may have to learn nobody of them:

C-stick Up because that JC usmash and SH uair.

Without tap jump, JC usmash requires you to push jump, up, and also attack within a reasonably tight timing window, specifically for personalities with short jumpsquat animations prefer Fox. Utilizing C-stick Up considerably eases the execution that this vital technique. Additionally, SH uair can likewise have chop timing, especially if that is SHFF together well. Therefore, I would recommend that most character mains commit these sequences to muscle memory.

C-stick Left and C-stick appropriate for dash-cancel fsmash.

This is character-specific, as personalities with bad fsmashes won’t usage this very often and don’t need to discover it. However, specific characters prefer Marth really advantage from prolonging the range of your fsmash. Friend could accomplish this with pivoting, but it has slightly less variety and is less consistent. To it is in clear, this sequence is dash -> host crouch -> as shortly as you begin crouching, wake up -> C-stick. This succession is doable there is no the C-stick, but a little bit more challenging because you have to switch native crouch to a directional entry without losing frames through walking. This provides your fsmash a much an ext threatening weapon in neutral and out that combos, yet for most characters it is reasonably useless. Only characters with an excellent fsmashes and a an excellent dash yes, really benefit.

C-stick under for safer dairs.

This is merely a matter of personal preference, however I uncover it fairly common to accidentally fast-fall a dair due to the directional input. To solve this, use the C-stick. Characters like Falcon with good dairs advantage from this a lot.

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C-stick under for dash-cancel dsmash.

This is even an ext specific 보다 dash-cancel fsmash. The main beneficiaries that this are personalities with good dashes and a good dsmash. This consists of Peach (who have the right to combo uthrow → dsmash ~ above floaties) and also Goku (whose dsmash has huge range and also excellent KO power)

The most important thing in a key-board setup is the you feel comfortable v it. To store comfort, do incremental changes. Decide the you’re going come play through K as C-stick Up till you have the right to do JC usmash and also SH uair with it through muscle memory. Then, continually refine your keyboard layout and also commit an ext and an ext to muscle memory until you relocate like the pros!

That’s it for today, folks! stay tuned for an ext SSF2 contents from the earlier Room!