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Term Research has displayed that the hazard for neural tube defects is lowered by taking supplements of A. niacin. B. folate. C. vitamin C. D. vitamin B12.

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Definition B. folate.
Term Riboflavin is most quickly destroyed when exposed to A. heat. B. acid. C. alkali. D. ultraviolet light.
Definition A. warm.
Term Which of the adhering to explains the basic function of a coenzyme?A. Attaches to RNA to help in the synthesis of an enzyme B. Attaches to cell membranes to help in uptake of an enzyme C. Attaches to an enzyme and also permits a chemical reaction to take location D. Attaches to an enzyme, which enables for transport of the enzyme with the circulation
Definition A. Attaches to RNA to aid in the synthesis of an enzyme
Term The appearance of vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms might be delayed because of high intake of supplements of A. folate. B. niacin. C. vitamin C. D. vitamin B6.
Definition B. niacin.
Term General attributes of the water-soluble vitamins encompass all of the complying with exceptA. they have to be consumed day-to-day. B. toxic levels in the body are seldom found. C. they are soaked up directly right into the blood. D. excesses are removed from the kidneys.
Definition A. they have to be consumed daily.
Term Of the complying with foodstuffs, which would certainly be the only resource of vitamin B12?A. Pecans B. Hot dog C. Caulifreduced D. Whole-grain bread
Definition B. Hot dog
Term All of the following are compelled for efficient dietary absorption of vitamin B12 exceptA. pepsin. B. intrinsic element. C. hydrochloric acid. D. mucosal cobalaminase.
Definition C. hydrochloric acid.
Term Of the adhering to, which is the wealthiest food source of thiamin? A. Lettuce B. Soy milk C. Cow milk D. Refined rice
Definition B. Soy milk
Term Tryptophan have the right to be used in the body to synthesizeA. FADVERTISEMENT. B. biotin. C. niacin. D. inositol.
Definition C. niacin.
Term Cooking a food in liberal quantities of water is leastern likely to influence the vitamin content of A. folate. B. thiamin. C. vitamin A. D. riboflavin.
Definition C. vitamin A.
Term Forms of vitamin B6 encompass every one of the following exceptA. pyridoxal. B. pyridoxine. C. pyrimidine. D. pyridoxamine.
Definition C. pyrimidine.
Term Irreversible nerve damages has actually been reported in civilization taking big doses of A. vitamin B1. B. vitamin B2. C. vitamin B6. D. vitamin B12
Definition C. vitamin B6.
Term What is the main excretory course for the water-soluble vitamins?A. Bile B. Kidney C. Intestine D. Perspiration
Definition B. Kidney
Term Which of the complying with foodstuffs is greatest in folate?A. Meats B. Starches C. Dairy products D. Eco-friendly, leafy vegetables
Definition D. Eco-friendly, leafy vegetables
Term The vitamin deficiency illness pellagra meansA. "stormy skin." B. "paralyzed limbs." C. "demented habits." D. "flattened erythrocytes."
Definition A. "stormy skin."
Term A basic niacin deficiency is well-known to be shown up in abnormalities of all of the following organs/devices exceptA. skin. B. skeletal. C. nervous mechanism. D. gastrointestinal tract.
Definition B. skeletal.
Term Of the complying with frequently eaten foodstuffs, which provides the biggest contribution to riboflavin intake? A. Milk B. Potatoes C. Oselection juice D. Peanut butter
Definition A. Milk
Term Which of the adhering to defines why B vitamin deficiencies bring about absence of energy?A. B vitamins are a source of kilocalories B. Absorption of carbohydprices and fats is diminished C. Oxygen for power metabolism cannot be transported to the cells D. Coenzymes essential for energy metabolism are produced in inadequate amounts
Definition D. Coenzymes needed for power metabolism are produced in insufficient amounts
Term Beriberi results from a deficiency of A. niacin. B. thiamin. C. vitamin C. D. vitamin B12.
Definition B. thiamin.
Term A similar kind of anemia is produced as soon as tbelow is a deficiency of eitherA. riboflavin or niacin. B. vitamin B12 or folate. C. thiamin or riboflavin. D. vitamin B6 or vitamin B12.

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Definition B. vitamin B12 or folate.
Term Which of the following activities is common by vitamin B12 and also folate?A. Both are compelled for nucleic acid synthesis B. Both need intrinsic components for their release from food proteins C. Both are uncovered in substantial quantities in green leafy vegetables D. Both are considered difficulty nutrients for strict vegetarians
Definition A. Both are compelled for nucleic acid synthesis
Term Among the adhering to, which would certainly be the ideal source of Niacin Equivalents?A. Milk B. Broccoli C. Chicken D. Strawberries
Definition C. Chicken