So I"m one trophy far from the Minecraft PS4 platinum, and also the last trophy I require to obtain is the Overkill trophy, the demands for i beg your pardon are:

"Deal nine hearts of damages in a solitary hit".

The trophy won"t pop, also after I vital hit a skeleton/zombie through a Smite V diamond sword v a stamin II medicine (in tough mode). 

Am i doing other wrong? surely all the adds as much as at least 9 hearts, right?

Might no help, yet if your people was do in PS4 edition try there. The trophy was definitely pretty buggy IMO. Maybe try doing it without stamin II?

Might not help, yet if your world was make in PS4 edition shot there. The trophy was absolutely pretty buggy IMO. Maybe try doing the without stamin II?

So my world was made in the bedrock version, but I found an old civilization in Editions native a while back which had just enough to make a Sharpness IV sword and another stamin II potion... And also it functioned