They speak Elvis is quiet alive, most likely kicking it through Tupac and also Richie Edwards, yet they space wrong. Elvis Presley passed away on respectable 16, 1977, the year punk broke. That was uncovered in the bathroom of his home in Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee and also his his cause of fatality was ruled together a love attack. However how and why did a guy of just 42 dice of condition more commonly associated with lot older people? This is just one of plenty of questions bordering the death of The King.

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Was Elvis in general good health at the moment of his death?

He was not. In 1977, Elvis was enduring from the following ailments: high blood pressure, aucoma, an enlarged colon and liver damage. It’s additionally reported that he weighed 25 stone, to be bed-ridden and could barely execute anything without help from one assistant. Some have claimed, though, the this is an exaggeration. However it is generally agreed the Elvis was far from the young, fit army sergeant he had actually once been.

Were over there drugs in his mechanism at the moment of his death?

Yes. Quite a few, in fact. For starters: 10 time the lot of codeine typically recommended for clinical purposes. It’s been declared that he score codeine indigenous the a dentist the day prior to his death. This was unknown to his personal physician, ‘Dr Nick’, aka George Constantine Nichopoulos, who passed away last year. Other drugs discovered in Elvis’ mechanism when the died: diazepam, methaqualone (also well-known by the brand surname Quaalude and also Mandrax), phenobarbital, ethchlorvynol and also ethinamate. A toxicology report concluded: “The solid possibility is that these drugs to be the major contribution to his demise.”

Where walk Elvis gain these drugs?

That would be Dr Nick. Between January 1 and August 1977, the seven-and-a-half months prior to Elvis died, the an excellent doctor wrote the musician prescriptions for at least 8,805 and also different species of medication. It to be 19,012 types of medication in between January 1975 and also Elvis’ death. The pills Dr Nick prescribed include: Percodan, Dilaudid, Demerol and Cocaine Hydrochloride.

Was his heart strike caused purely by drugs?

As we’ve seen, it appears they may have actually been a contributing factor. But in 2014 an interesting piece of evidence emerged. What was purportedly a lock the Elvis’ hair was based on a DNA test on the Channel 4 present Dead famed DNA and also was discovered to show that The King endured from the hereditary heart muscle condition hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In the direction of the finish of his life, that did have fatigue, high blood pressure and an rarely often rare heartbeat. Presenter mark Evans said, “For years, Elvis has been blamed for his own death, for overeating or overdosing top top drugs. Both of these addictions wouldn’t have helped. However it seemed Elvis had a defect in his DNA.” for the record, Evans likewise said, “I can’t tell friend 100% the is Elvis’ DNA. That’s not possible.”

Are there any kind of other theories?

Here’s a curio: Elvis fell over and cracked his head on a bath bathtub while shoot the film Clambake in 1967. He to be knocked unconscious and hospitalised. This, together with three other significant head injuries Elvis suffered at various points in his life, might have given him Traumatic mind Injury. This can reason autoimmune disorder, which manifests itself together a failure of bodily offal – symptoms are transforms to body shape, enlarged organs, out-of-character behaviour and also severe pain. Elvis experienced from all of these symptom in the last 10 year of his life.

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