One Piece: 9 Theories around The Pirate King i get it Gol D. I get it is the Pirate King that One item with a most mysteries bordering him. Right here are 10 possible theories around the legend himself.

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Every One Piece pan is familiar with the surname of Gol D. Roger. Gol D. I get it was the first person who overcame the cool Line and managed to with the final island, Laugh Tale, which landing him the location of the Pirate King. Roger"s success as a pirate are unmatched.

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After successfully dominating the grand Line, Roger chose to revolve himself in. He to be publicly executed and his last words ushered the civilization into a brand-new era. There room still a the majority of things that civilization don"t know around Gol D. Roger, and many fans have tried to come up with different theories to to fill the holes.

Gol D Roger before execution
prefer Roger, Dragon is one of the most mysterious characters in One Piece. One theory says that Roger and also Dragon space linked due to the fact that of their adversary fruit. The theory argues that Dragon own the same evil one fruit together Gol D. Roger. Dragon"s figure in the series has been marked by sudden transforms in weather. It always looks choose a storm is imminent up. Earlier when Roger battled Shiki throughout the Edd War, the Pirate King managed to adjust weather dramatically which permitted him to escape from Shiki"s armada.

Roger in ~ execution
This theory argues that Gol D. I get it didn"t have any devil fruit. The philosopher says the it wouldn"t make feeling to put Roger ~ above a constant wooden block when he to be going to it is in executed. The wouldn"t make feeling for the navy to be so casual around Roger"s execution--after all i get it was no ordinary pirate; he was the King that Pirates. The author backs up this theory with Shanks" unwavering attitude towards not eating a devil fruit. It can be possible that Shanks to know something around some other drawback of eating a devil fruit, which is why the is skeptical to eat one.

during the Marineford arc, it was shown that Portgas D. Ace was the child of Gol D. Roger and also Portgas D. Rouge. Follow to this theory, i get it had one more son, and it is none other than Blackbeard. For pirates come have plenty of offsprings is certainly not a big deal.

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The writer backs increase their theory with Whitebeard informing Blackbeard that roger is wait for a various person. The theory is certainly riveting and a lot an ext people need to take a look in ~ it.

6 jewelry Bonney Is Roger"s Daughter

many fans were exceptionally distraught as soon as Portgas D. Ace was killed by Akainu in ~ Marineford. The death of Ace supposed that the bloodline the the Pirate King to be finished, but was it? This theory suggests that i get it had one more child namely, jewel Bonney. Ace and Bonney were supposedly twins. Rouge had determined that if she had actually a girl, she would certainly name her Ann and also if she had actually a boy, she would name him, Ace. That is likewise worth noting the Jewelry Bonney is based on Ann Bonney, a real-life pirate.

A lot of fans believe that roger possessed a devil fruit. Come be much more specific, they think that the Pirate King own the Gomu Gomu no Mi, however, the author of this theory disagrees. Lock say that if i get it did have actually the Gomu Gomu no Mi climate other world would have actually pointed that out as soon as they would have actually seen Luffy using it. Whenever human being see Luffy"s Straw Hat, they immediately recognize it and confirm that the straw cap belonged come Roger. So, the is nigh impossible that i get it possessed the Gomu Gomu no Mi.

4 i get it Is quiet Alive

after Gol D. I get it turned in himself to the Marines, he to be executed in Loguetown in eastern Blue. There is one philosopher who believes that roger is tho alive. The does sound far-fetched yet it provides for an amazing read.

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According come the theory, roger is quiet alive and he"s waiting at Laugh Tale. The theorist says that before Roger rotate in himself, he stated to Rayleigh the he wouldn"t die. So, there"s a opportunity that the King that Pirates could still it is in alive.

There"s to be a most theories about Roger"s possible devil fruit powers albeit many of them space not well thought out, however, this concept is yes, really eye-catching. According to the theory, Gol D. Roger possessed the Kobu Kobu no Mi. The devil fruit has the capability to awaken the latent fighting spirit inside people. Currently, the devil fruit is possessed by Belo Betty, who"s a member of the Revolutionary Army. The author says that roger was able to create the brand-new pirate era since of his adversary fruit ability.

2 Roger"s Crewmates Were practically As strong As he Was

the is a well-known fact that i get it Pirates were arguably the strongest pirate crew in history, however what was it the made castle strong. Follow to this theory, there wasn"t much distinction in strength in between Roger and also his crewmates which do the crew very an effective and enabled them to overcome the cool Line.

Ever due to the fact that Oden"s flashback, the whole One Piece fanbase has actually been speculating to together why did roger laugh as soon as he reached Laugh Tale. A theorist can have the answer come this question. Follow to the theory, roger was overwhelmed after learning around Joy Boy"s dream. Happiness Boy"s cool dream left Roger completely speechless and also so he just laughed.

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