A baseball gloves is a smaller glove compared to a softball glove. The baseball glove is smaller since the baseball is smaller sized in size contrasted to a softball.

Baseball gloves deserve to be supplied for soft ball play. Outfield gloves have an ext surface area to record the softball. Infield baseball gloves execute not have the surface ar area to take care of the huge softball.

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We break down the pros and cons of using a baseball gloves for softball and also why you’ll want to acquisition an outfield glove.

Are Baseball and Softball Gloves The Same?

Baseball and softball gloves are not the same.

The an initial reason is the the baseball gloves is much smaller 보다 a soft ball glove. Tiny gloves typical the sphere will proper fit right into the baseball glove. This is crucial for outfielders who require the whole palm come secure the pop fly.

Here is the distinction in sizing in between a baseball and a softball:

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Circumference9 Inches12 Inches

The added 3 inches on the ball may not seem choose much, lot larger compared to the 9 customs of a baseball. In perspective, pitchers in baseball can throw curveballs utilizing 3 fingers. Also players with huge hands should throw the softball with all 5 fingers to ensure accuracy in softball.

Wearing A Baseball glove While play Softball

Wearing a baseball glove for softball may be challenging to to express the yes, really softball. Having a smaller sized glove have the right to be beneficial in turn a double play as soon as playing the infield. However, playing the outfield might be hard to capture the football through the small circumference.

If you’re a previous baseball player and also make the transition to softball, it will certainly be simpler to stay a baseball glove and also spin the sphere in the infield, like exactly how you would certainly wear a smaller glove in baseball to acquire the round out as conveniently as possible.

Although it’s great to have a small glove to gain the ball out quicker, there is a greater chance the sphere will “snow cone” out of it.

What is a eye cone in softball? It’s once the round slips out of the mitt, and it either falls out or stays simply barely in the top of the mitt, the same, similar thing a eye cone. View the snapshot below for reference.


A smaller sized glove and also a larger ball have a higher chance of having snow cone plays, causing errors. This the fence of attract a baseball gloves for softball.

Can Outfielders wear A Baseball gloves While play Softball?

They can, but we wouldn’t advise it—the more room to catch the softball, the better. Having actually a smaller sized glove just results in a greater chance of eye coning the ball or having actually it pop out.

Small baseball gloves trying to catch bigger balls require an exact timing to squeeze and secure the ball right into the mitt.

However, a larger glove presents much more opportunity because that the round to loss securely right into the mitt for a secured catch. This is why we recommend outfields continue to be away from the baseball glove while play softball.

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What’s The Difference between A Baseball glove & A soft ball Glove?

The key difference between a baseball glove and also a softball gloves is the size of the mitt. Because the softball is bigger in circumference ( by 3 inches), the glove need to accommodate the softball size.

The key difference in between a soft ball glove and a baseball glove is the customs of the ball-catching surface. As result of the reality the soft ball is bigger than a baseball, it have to accommodate the huge area of the softball, thus being larger.

Softball gloves generally measure in at 14″ & 13″ inches. Baseball gloves will measure in at 10-12″ and also anywhere in between. This is the key difference between the 2 gloves, as they both room made to capture the sphere that is hit come them.

To provide you a visual, here is a next by side photo of how baseball gloves differ from softball gloves in size:

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The video game of baseball and also softball space two various games. Baseball fields are much larger, and the baseball travels lot farther top top contact. Softball is much more of a much faster field/throw game, therefore the glove must fit the situation.

What room The best Softball Gloves?

Wilson A360 Slowpitch Glove


This glove is a great starter slow-moving pitch glove as it has actually a closed weave web and also is easily accessible for both rights and also left-handed throwers. That comes through a conventional 14″ pocket; however, if you want to shrink the size down ( if you’re in the field or also have a smaller hand), a 13″ glove is available.

The finest place to acquisition this gloves for a fairly low price is right here on Amazon.

Franklin sports Softball Mitt


The Franklin softball gloves is a great option for soft ball players of every ages since of that durability. Simple to rest in, adjustable thumb strap, and also it has actually a wide selection of to buy options.

They have a 12″, 13″, and a 14″ basket internet glove obtainable for players with all various hand sizes.

We uncovered the cheapest Franklin glove below on Amazon.

Louisville Slugger 2019 Xeno fast Pitch gloves Series


The last glove on our perform is an ext the more advanced player. The Louisville Slugger 2019 Xeno Fastpitch glove is a stylish glove equipped v memory foam that wraps the wrist lining.

Louisville Slugger uses a 13″, 12″, and a 33″ inch gloves for catchers who should secure the ball throughout fastpitch.

The Louisville Slugger 2019 Xeno fast Pitch Glove can be uncovered here on Amazon.


Baseball and also softball gloves vary due to the dimension of the softball. Baseball gloves may be offered for softball purposes, but the threat of the round popping out of the glove heightens.

Also, soft ball gloves are not the finest for baseball games because a larger glove will aid secure a smaller ball. When playing the outfield or infield in baseball, it’s an essential to have actually a “feel” because that the ball, together it needs to it is in caught and also transitioned out of the gloves as quick as possible.

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If you’ve completely retired indigenous the video game of baseball, we recommend spending a few dollars ~ above the cheaper options we’ve provided above to obtain a new glove. It will be worth it in the lengthy run.