Exponents stand for shorthand symbol of recurring multiplications, often written with the number or change to it is in multiplied adhered to by a superscript value for the number of multiplications. The equation x times x time x times x deserve to be rewritten as (xxxx) or x4 (note the the 4 is composed as a superscript yet may no be displayed). Index number are read as the value to a offered power, with the previous example read as “x come the fourth power”. Numbers or variables elevated to the 2nd power space simply called squared, and also numbers increased to the 3rd power are termed cubed. Multiplying and also dividing index number of comparable variables or numbers only requires basic arithmetic skills of adding, subtracting and also multiplying.

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Multiply exponents by including the index number together. Because that example, x come the fifth power multiplied by x come the fourtth power amounts to x to the ninth power (x5 + x4 = x9), or (xxxxx)(xxxx) = (xxxxxxxxx).

Divide exponents by subtracting the exponents from each other. The equation x to the 9th power split by x come the 5th power simplifies to x to the 4th power (x9 – x5 = x4), or (xxxxxxxxx)/(xxxxx) = (xxxx).

Simplify an exponent elevated to another power by multiply the exponents together. Simple x come the 3rd power raised to the 4th power to produce x come the 12th power <(x3)4 = x12>, or (xxx)(xxx)(xxx)(xxx) = (xxxxxxxxxxxx).

Remember that any number come the 0th power amounts to one, an interpretation x to any power raised to the 0th strength simplifies to one. Examples include x0 = 1, (x4)0 = 1, and also (x5y3)0 = 1.

Note that equations with various variables such together x squared multiplied by y cubed (x2y3) can not be merged to develop xy to the 6th power. This equation is already simplified. However, if the whole equation that x squared multiplied by y cubed is then squared, each of the variables is streamlined separately, bring about x to the fourth power multiplied by y to the 6th power (x2y3)2 = x4y6, or (xxxx)(yyyyyy).

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