Some human being who acquire a Border Collie often ask, “Do Border Collies Get along with Cats?” This is a fair question if friend are acquiring a family members dog who needs to share her cat’s space.

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Not every breed of dog is familiar to smaller dogs or cats, and also many pet owners battle to make their group of animals be girlfriend while life in the same house. This is since cats tend to desire to operation from danger. Dogs have actually an instinct to chase points that relocate quickly.

If you have actually recently acquired a Border Collie to include to her family, you might be wonder if your new dog and also your cats will gain along. Review on come learn more about the Collie breed and also their attitude toward cats and other pets.

The Border Collie Breed


This is a shepherd breed the was emerged for herding cattle. They space high-drive dogs with lots of enthusiasm for life. they love come learn brand-new skills and also are happiest and also healthiest once they feeling they have actually a job.

Border Collies love children and also are loyal household dogs. Even a Collie puppy will certainly respond well to appropriate training, do them easy to incorporate with other family members.

Collies room kind, straightforward to keep clean, and also loveable dogs who leave a lasting mark on any type of dog owner who gets one.The Collie each other was produced to herd various other animals, and this behavior rooted in instinct can sometimes cause strife within the home. A Border Collie might only run at suddenly movements, or they can give chase to points that operation by.

It is vital to remember that Collies are normally not trying to hurt something lock chase. Their instincts only tell them not to allow the point passing them run off. Even if the thing running by is not a sheep or a cow, their herding mind will tell them to protect against it.

This deserve to pose some trouble when relocating a Collie puppy or one old Collie into a residence with various other pets life there. However, the Border Collie breed is typically easy to train, and this is usually a momentary problem.

do Border Collies Get in addition to Cats?


The real question that requirements to be answered below is deserve to herding dogs deserve to be trained no to follow cats. While not every Border Collie will have actually the urge to track animals that move quickly, this drive is part of your DNA and also has to be considered.

If you space trying to decision if you have the right to make her cat and dog get along, you might need to think about getting a little help v training your dog. A dog trainer can present you an abilities that you will certainly need throughout the first couple of weeks that you are teaching your Collie around their new home.Any dog have the right to learn no to chase things that relocate quickly roughly them, and a Border Collie might need part extra effort to be placed in through its owner to stop issues between the cat and also dog in the house. Collies and cats frequently live together in perfect harmony, however you require to set some soil rules because that both the cat and also the dog indigenous the beginning.

Some useful strategies deserve to be put in place in your residence to help you save your mixed-pet household happy and healthy. usage these tip and an abilities to teach her Border Collie about the cats in her home.

maintain a Border Collie no to chase Cats


Training is the basis because that any great relationship between a dog and another member of its residence unit. ideal training will provide your dog the right background to do decisions around how to behave toward various other people and animals in that home.

Border Collies and cats have the right to live with each other in perfect harmony, despite you will have to set some borders for both political parties of the friendship. There space some really great training techniques to usage to teach your Collie no to chase points that move.Ways come teach your Border Collie to get in addition to your cat:

Distraction with A brand-new Task: This is a an easy dog training skill and also can be offered for plenty of different needs. Dogs enjoy play, and they can be encouraged to channel this power into assorted activities reasonably easily.If your Border Collie desires to follow your cat, girlfriend can offer them a new task to do instead. Sending your dog on a brand-new mission, such as laying down on their bed or going come an assigned location, can use your instinct for herding come advantage.Be certain that your pet knows wherein you are sending out them and prize them through a treat as soon as they obey. If your Collie has actually its own bed, this is a great location come send castle to. Ensure that the dog is fine through the spot you send castle so girlfriend don’t do them an ext frustrated.Sit and also Stay: This may seem prefer a an easy training an answer to employ to halt chasing behavior, yet it functions really well when supplied correctly. If her puppy or mature dog start to follow your cat, usage the sit and also stay command to break your focus. Offer a treat for a effective sit and stay.

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For collies v a really high drive, adding a lay-down cue come this skill deserve to be helpful. Laying down will make castle think an ext about you and also less about the kitty.Socialization: for a puppy or an older dog to know the habits you desire from them, you require to collection up the rules through guidance. Ensuring that your Collie and your cat reap a friendly time with each other while you space watching can be very helpful. This each other loves to play and also may no realize the cats will certainly not enjoy the exact same kind of interactions as other dogs.