I haven't seen any hairy armpits yet even though I'm sure there space a the majority of hairy dudes choose James Harden who have the capacity to thrive some monstrosities. Space there NBA regulations approximately pit hair length? Is there someone on each team who's job is come trim and also manicure players? important question here, guys. Thanks.

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Yes, lock do. I think it's because of two main reasons.

Shaving her armpits reduce friction while her arms room swinging. Idk if this is true because I got it off Yahoo Answers but hey it sounds legit. When you're in the NBA, you need to do everything you can to get an advantage.

Players don't wanna look disgusting in photos whereby they go up because that a block and also their armpit hair is bushy af. There's one aesthetic variable also.

But in every seriousness yes, they perform shave their armpits.

but the stickiness through sweaty armpits results in way more friction than hairy armpits.

Trim, don't shave. The goes for every body parts

any response that's complied with up through "I don't understand if this is true because I gained it turn off Yahoo Answers..." is legit in my book. Kudos.

Hair is a herbal lubricant, why perform you think we have it in areas where lots of movement occurs? Doesn't make sense to cut it for the reason.

Raymond Felton, in his college days, supplied to typically have visible chunks of white deodorant hanging roughly in his super-hairy pits. Many anyone who saw a UNC game in the beforehand aughts deserve to attest to this, also those sitting mid-level. Shit was disgusting. Anyways, not entirely relevant to this topic however where else does this post belong?

Raymond Felton, in his university days, provided to generally have clearly shows chunks that white deodorant hanging about in his super-hairy pits. Many anyone who visited a UNC game in the at an early stage aughts have the right to attest come this, also those sit mid-level. Shit was disgusting. Anyways, not entirely relevant come this topic however where else does this write-up belong?

Just googled this and also it looks like it didn't readjust in NY. (http://i.huffpost.com/gen/1642572/thumbs/o-RAYMOND-FELTON-facebook.jpg)

Some European football player dont shave at all by the look at of few of them.

Team human body hair manager? Sounds prefer a hell of a job.

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It's a small known truth that Morey was at first hired as assistant to the human body hair manager in the Rockets organization.