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CategoriesNooks and also cranniesYesteryearSemantic enigmasThe human body beautifulRed tape, white liesSpeculative scienceThis sceptred isleRoot of all evilEthical conundrumsThis sporting lifeStage and also screenBirds and also the bees BIRDS and also THE BEESI saw carved on a tree trunk an engraving dated 1920. The was really high up on the trunk. How do trees prosper - from the top, the bottom, or both? Flo, London Trees flourish from the top, although, like numerous of us, castle thicken in ~ the base. The reality that the carving to be high up method that the carver had actually a ladder or climb spikes...or was an exceptionally bright monkey. Mike Bird, Maryport, Cumbria The an initial answer is complete rubbish. Trees prosper from the roots upwards and the trunk boosts by one annular ring annually The leaves and branches prosper at the top, together the reduced branches have tendency to die off uneven someone or something walk a bit of pruning and also activates brand-new growth. Basically, the is farming towards the light of the sunlight until that is life expectations is reached. Jack Hill, St Albans, England Trees, like all plants, grow from teams of dividing cells referred to as meristems. In trees these room usually at the advice of shoots, and at the advice of the roots. Meristems not at the tips develop branches. KJ, Oxford UK together a small boy in the 50s I helped my brother carry out a very classy carving ~ above a mature Beech tree (nice smooth bark, engraving lasts for ever) in our grandfather"s vicarage garden in Cornwall. We were sit high increase in the crown in ~ the time, and also Ive periodically wondered since what the reaction will certainly be as soon as the tree lastly comes down.Now ns spend much of my functioning life inspecting and reporting on individual trees. ~ above one chance a passer-by witnessed me staring up in ~ a supermarket to buy trolley that had been put in the peak of a mature horse Chestnut (being a few yards far from a nurses hostel, this to be not quite as surprising together all that...). "That would have actually been put there when it was a young tree and its been lugged all the way up" he said knowingly. Ns nodded in agreement. Geoff March, Stroud, UK Jack Hill is wrong. Trees execute not flourish up from the roots. The brand-new growth is at the advice of the branches. The sprout we check out in winter space the basis of the next seasons growth. The buds elongate and also produce new branches. The branches and also trunk increase in width by creating a brand-new layer the sap-carrying cells external the previous year"s layer, just below the bark. The root device grows in the contrary direction, indigenous the ends of the source tips. Mike Creasy, Cardiff UK as a young young on my 5th birtday I acquired a brand-new saw. Ns proceeded to cut down the first tree i saw, which just happened to be decorative tree in our yard bordering our neighbor.I cut down a tiny douglas tree at two feet over the ground.The dominant branch below the cut came to be the trunk, however left a very noticeable bending in the tree.As the tree thrived the noticeable bend in the tree also rose in addition to the branches around it.It is now 32 year later and also the tree is 50 feet tall and the bend in the tree is over eight feet above the ground.While trees most visibly grow from the edges, this is clear evidence it likewise has some growth at the trunk.By the exact same token the 1920 marker on the tree was quite likely done without a ladder. Plunder Gibson, Duncan, BC, Canada I"ve constantly heard they thrive from the top, yet I can"t problem what i see through my own eyes. Http://m.hugelol.com/lol/87849. This mirrors it should do both. Melissa Bruce, Peralta, USA add your answer

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