Fullmetal Alchemist: 10 crucial Facts friend Didn't Know about Alphonse Elric Aphonse Elric is one of the main characters in Fullmetal Alchemist. His spirit is trapped in fit of armor, making him a unique character.

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Hiromu Arakawa"s hit manga series Fullmetal Alchemist was adapted into a 2003 anime, climate again right into the 2009 anime Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, not to cite two man movies and also a live-action one. In all versions, the brothers Edward and also Alphonse Elric space the stars, and also sometimes, it seems that Alphonse takes a ago seat to Edward.

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But Alphonse is 100% simply as worthy of gift the main character as Edward is, and he is many popular among the fans. He and also Edward both do the grievous mistake of trying come resurrect your deceased mom via alchemy, and also Alphonse lost his entire body together the price. Edward"s quick thinking tied his soul to armor, and now, he"s a metal giant. What else need to we know about the younger Elric brother?

Alphonse Elric, as viewers will shortly see, is a human being soul bound come a hulking suit of armor. Much more than a few characters (including villains) are shocked to find out that no one is inside. Yet this story has been told before.

It"s likely that writer Hiromu Arakawa attracted inspiration native Italo Calvino"s story The nonexistent Knight, in which a items is simply an empty fit of armor that goes around enforcing the chivalric code. Fortunately, he"s a pretty guy, and also not a monster.

Mei Chang soon developed a substantial crush top top the idea that Alphonse Elric, and also while this one-sided connection didn"t amount to anything, it have the right to be stated that Alphonse is much nicer to women and girls 보다 Edward is.

Not that Edward is a complete jerk to them, yet Alphonse is more savvy and also gentle in conversation, and also he gets along with them much better overall. Meanwhile, in bonus comics, it is shown that Alphonse urgently wants a girlfriend.

Both Edward and Alphonse blamed themselves (but no each other) because that the catastrophe of trying come revive their mother, and Alphonse blamed himself for what happened. Yet he was so preoccupied through that, the didn"t realize the Ed blamed himself, too.

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This came to a head at an early stage on, when Al (inspired through Barry the Chopper) accused Ed of producing him together an artificial brother. Winry, who remained in tears, berated Al and also reminded him the Edward to be staggering under the weight of guilt. So, Al checked out make things up v Ed, and also the trouble was cleared up.

7 His Stunted mental Progress

No, this isn"t come say the Alphonse is stupid! far from it; he"s a brilliant kid with a scientific mind comparable to Edward"s. However, he was ten year old when the taboo alchemy experiment take it place, and also the soul of a ten-year-old boy is what was imprinted on that armor.

So, Alphonse"s mentality fight the pause button, and now, at period 14, the still acts together though he to be ten, and this provides him endearing to other characters and the viewer alike. He"s obtained a childlike innocence that"s hard to dislike.

Alphonse is great with the ladies, yet speaking more broadly, he speaks gently to everyone. Uneven his hotheaded and aggressive brother, Alphonse is not confrontational in ~ all, and things obtain awkward as soon as Ed start bullying people.

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Al is the form of guy to save the peace, and he will frequently apologize to Edward"s latest victim even while Ed is going turn off at them. At the very least one the the Elric brothers has actually some tact; enough, in fact, come cover both of them.

5 he Loves Cats

Alphonse is certainly a tenderness giant, and also he appears to have a long-standing desire to have actually his very own pet. An ext than once, Edward marvels why Alphonse suddenly stopped in the middle of their journey... And then he finds out!

Each time, Alphonse finds one more stray cat to adopt, and he simply can"t resist, even when Edward objects. He"s well-known to bring cats in his armor, and in bonus comics, that stores quite a couple of in over there at once.

There room some services to being in one armored body, together as having no hazard of starving, drowning, or obtaining a heart attack or stroke. But Alphonse is hardly having a vacation in there, and also he misses many aspects of gift human.

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Most that all, he desires to taste food again, and also in particular, he wants to taste Winry"s cooking, such together her wonderful apple pies. In fact, Winry is practicing she baking so once Al gets his body back, he"ll be in for a actual treat.

3 the Doesn"t like Being Big

That"s what Alphonse provided to watch like, and unsurprisingly, he identifies much more with this variation of himself 보다 his hulking steel body. He"s regularly mistaken because that the Fullmetal Alchemist due to his vast metal body, yet that"s not who he is.

Not just is that inaccurate, yet Alphonse feels negative that civilization see him just as a giant. He in reality gets happy when civilization treat him favor a young boy, due to the fact that that is without doubt what he is top top the inside.

Alphonse is fascinated by the Xingese arts of alkahestry, i m sorry is based upon remote transmutation that can heal injuries and help the sick. While Olivier Armstrong wanted to weaponize it somehow, Alphonse appreciated it because that what that is.

In part versions of the story, Alphonse travel to Xing to discover more, and until then, he got along well with May and her panda. In fact, Al mistook the panda for a cat and also thus tried to embrace it, though it soon returned to its real owner.

1 that Gets along with Hohenheim

Both Elric brothers were distraught once Van Hohenheim, their father, left the family and also their mother died a few years after ~ that. However while Edward stop a bitterness grudge over it, Alphonse has actually a various perspective.

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For one thing, Al is more compassionate and patient anyway, and also when Hohenheim described his background with Xerxes and Father, Alphonse sympathized v him. Both that them see themselves together monsters, after all, through Hohenheim gift an immortal Philosopher"s rock and Alphonse being a spirit in a steel suit.