A website for scheduling game stations 2 digital games and PS2 LAN tunneling matches (with Xlink Kai).

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Here room guides for utilizing the website, travel guide for setup up Xlink Kai, online game lists, and also other PS2 virtual info.
Many the you might now know this, yet the dualshock 1 controller for the game stations 1 functions with numerous games on the game stations 2. That is totally dependent on the gamings though, therefore some job-related with the dualshock 1 if others perform not. Why would anyone also care about dualshock 1 controllers functioning on a PS2 few of you make be thinking?Well I uncover that they are constructed a lot far better that dualshock 2s because that the game stations 2. The analog sticks especially are why I like the dualshock 1 over the dualshock 2. I find that lock wear out a lot slower 보다 their playstation 2 controller big brother. To me, the movements of the analog sticks feel a lot more fluid and smooth and I notice a big difference in an initial person shooters particularly when i substitute the dualshock 2 with a dualshock 1.A dualshock 1 is additionally beneficial due to the fact that unlike a dualshock 2 that does not have squishy analog buttons. The buttons top top ps2 controllers space all squishy because they are push sensitive. This can add cool features in some games (and is why some gamings do not assistance dualshock 1 controllers, however for plenty of all it method is that currently you need to jam down on the face switch really hard to obtain it to recognize you room pushing the in. The dualshock 1"s buttons space not press sensitive, therefore the slightest push moves lock down and also lets the game recognize this.

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List that PS2 gamings that job-related with a dualshock 1 controllerSo right here is an in progress list the which games do occupational with it and also which games do not work-related with a dualshock 1 controller. I have personally experiment about fifty percent of these. If you men own a dualshock 1 and discover a video game that additionally works v dualshock 1, article in this thread and also I will include that game to the list. If you uncover a game does not assistance dualshock 1 controllers, short article in this thread also to let united state know.The games in the list are in alphabetical order for her viewing satisfied
.Works v Dualshock 1 ControllersAmplitudeArmored core 2ATV Offroad rage 2ATV Offroad fury 4Castlevania: Lament the InnocenceCold WinterContra: not correct SoldierCrash Bandicoot: The Wrath the CortexDeerhunterDelta Force: black Hawk DownDevil may CryDisaster ReportDownhill DominationDynasty warriors 3Eye Toy: pat 2FlatOut 2Ford racing 2Freedom FightersFrequencyFugitive Hunter: war on TerrorG1 Jockey 3Gallop Racer 2001Grand Theft Auto 3Gran Turismo 3: A-SpecGran Turismo 4Heavenly GuardianHitman: Blood MoneyKatamari DamacyKillzoneMadden NFL 2004Max PayneMidnight club 2Midnight club 3: DUB version RemixNASCAR Thunder 2003NBA Live 08Project SnowblindQuake III RevolutionRatchet & ClankRatchet & Clank: Up her ArsenalRebel Raiders: procedure NighthawkRed Dead RevolverRed Faction 2Resident angry 4Rogue TrooperSamurai WarriorsSerious Sam: following EncounterShadow the HedgehogShaun Palmer"s agree SnowboarderShin Megami Tensei: Persona 4Sly Cooper and the Thievius RaccoonusSmuggler"s RunSoldier of luck GoldSniper EliteSonic HeroesSonic Mega arsenal PlusSonic Riders: Zero GravitySonic UnleashedSSXTaito Legends 2Tales that Destiny Director"s CutTales the SymphoniaTales that the AbyssThe note of KriThe Simpsons GameThe WarriorsTiger Woods PGA tourism 2003TimesplittersTimesplitters 2Timesplitters: Future PerfectTokyo Xtreme Racer 3Tom Clancy"s Ghost ReconTom Clancy"s Ghost Recon: jungle StormTribes: Aerial AssaultTwisted Metal: BlackUrban Chaos: revolt ResponseWorld Championship PokerWWE Smackdown vs. Life 2009XIIIYakuzaWork with Dualshock 1 Controllers PartiallyArea 51 (works at an initial but is buggy)ESPN NFL 2K5 (Top buttons perform not work)SOCOM i (Playable, yet cannot throw grenades, going at risk is difficult)SOCOM II (Playable, however character animation is jerky because of the game alternative between standing and also crouching, can"t walk prone)SOCOM 3 (Prompt in ~ start-up forces DS2 usage)SOCOM: combined Assault (Same as SOCOM 3)Doesn"t work with Dualshock 1 ControllersBurnout 3: TakedownCall of Duty 2: large Red OneCrash: Mind over MutantCrash the the TitansCrash sign Team RacingFamily FeudFatal FrameFinal Fantasy XIIGrand Theft Auto: mountain AndreasGreg Hastings" tournament Paintball Max"dJak X: Combat RacingKill.switchMad Maestro!Medal of honor FrontlineMedal of Honor: rising SunNBA 2K7Outlaw Golf 2Spider-Man 3Star Wars: BattlefrontStar Wars: Battlefront 2State of EmergencySyphon Filter: The Omega StrainTaito LegendsTales the LegendiaThe BouncerThe tremendous HulkThe Matrix: course of NeoThe Simpsons: fight & Run