10 Celebrities v Tattoos us Didn't Know about Apparently, in the to chat industry, Hollywood in particular, that is still taboo for some celebrities to have a tattoo for part reason. The concept seems strange; tattoo culture is on the rise, an

Apparently, in the entertainment industry, Hollywood in particular, it is tho taboo for some celebrities to have actually a tattoo for some reason. The id seems strange; tattoo culture is ~ above the rise, and in twenty years we are all going come look the same, through those there is no tattoos possibly being in the minority. While a vast demographic that musicians space notoriously spanned in tattoos and even many of actors and also actresses sports their unabashed love for very visible ink as well, there room still part celebrities the you would never ever expect to have a tattoo, and others who save their tattoos well concealed at all times.

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For some of these celebrities it might merely it is in an worry of privacy, being in the spotlight, comment questions, having actually their an individual lives dissected - the last thing they may want is come divulge the deeper meaning of a tattoo that may be quite personal to them. For various other celebrities, after year of play a plethora of wholesome characters, or building photo as among America’s Sweethearts, a tattoo may be seen as a blight on claimed image, or other that may somewhat hurt your careers. Madness, clearly; it’s just a tattoo, yet within the well-oiled PR machine that is Hollywood where celebrities come and also go by the day, those through longevity want to keep a organize on their celebrity and also resultant earning potential for as long as possible. Through that said, right here is a perform of ten celebrities that you most likely didn’t know have a tattoo, but now the you do, or also if girlfriend did prior, the hasn’t adjusted your impression the them. After ~ all, the is simply a tattoo.

10 Jamie Foxx

The very first actor top top this list, it\"s more than likely not uncommon expertise that Jamie Foxx is a reasonably talented guy. Actor, comedian, singer, Oscar winner and guy who obtained a tattoo on the earlier of his head come celebrate his 40th birthday? that’s right, to celebrate transforming 40 a few years back the guy forever immortalized as Ray Charles gained a black color tribal design tattooed top top the ago of his head. Though the actor has actually other tattoos, the lack on his head was unexpected and also a little strange. The legitimacy of it was even ruminated upon by celebrity pundits who care far more than this writer does for quite some time. At the very least for Foxx, every he needs to perform is grow his hair in (something he seems reluctant come do?) to cover the tattoo.


9 Brad Pitt


8 Sandra Bullock

Arguably America’s current sweetheart (whatever that also means), Sandra Bullock is a an excellent actress that has developed a long and steady job playing roles in both thrillers and an ext dramatic films, one of which, The blind Side, earned she an Oscar. Prior to her marital relationship to heavily tattooed cycle maker/TV personality Jesse James go horrifically and publicly south, plenty of wondered what the pristine Bullock had in typical with the turbulent bike aficionado. Well, perhaps it was tattoos ~ all; unbeknownst to many of her fans, the above actress has actually a tattoo on she back.

7 Cate Blanchett

6 Gwyneth Paltrow

5 Caroline Kennedy

Did you recognize that the existing American ambassador to Japan and also last living son of President john F. Kennedy has actually a tattoo? Caroline Kennedy has actually a tattoo the a butterfly on she inner arm close to her elbow that she acquired in Hong Kong while v her late brother earlier in the beforehand 1980s. Most human being didn’t know about the tattoo, even for who as well known as a Kennedy, until Caroline chose to run for the Senate in 2008 and also naturally tabloids and also conservative news outlets ran through the \"Caroline Kennedy is negative for the country because she has actually a tattoo\" story, as if it were a conviction because that murder.

4 Helen Mirren

Good luck saying the awesomeness the Helen Mirren, she’s just fantastic. Mirren is one of the many talented and also recognizable English actresses the the past 40 years, and also has the awards to prove it. An Oscar, golden Globe, Emmy and a Damehood indigenous the stimulate of the British realm are just some examples of Mirren’s hardware. The actress additionally has a very visible yet apparently fairly unknown tattoo on her hand, a tattoo she claims she obtained long back “to shock… prior to tattoos ended up being mainstream.”

3 Julia Roberts

America’s Sweetheart before Sandra Bullock usurped that title, Julia Roberts is another celebrity the doesn’t seem to rather fit the tattooed vibe. It\"s sort of choose if you found out her mum acquired a tattoo, is that cool or embarrassing? maybe that’s why most don’t know around her tattoo. Luckily this author\"s referee is absolutely inconsequential come Julia Roberts, therefore the lower back tattoo Roberts sporting activities of her children and her husband’s initials is all good on this end if she likes it.

2 Jennifer Aniston

If Julia Roberts and also Sandra Bullock are America’s Sweethearts, then Jennifer Aniston was, at the very least for a time, America’s trendsetter, particularly when it involved haircuts. The people fell in love through Aniston once she played Rachel top top the hit sitcom Friends because that a decade, (though Leprechaun yes, really is a classic), and also followed her lead in fashion and hairstyles. One trend that didn’t record on was Rachel-inspired tattoos, also though in one illustration Aniston’s personality goes out and also gets a tattoo. Aniston should not have actually fit the picture of a tattooed Hollywood starlet like former husband Brad Pitt’s present wife does, though Aniston has an edgier next too; she has actually a tattoo on she foot lovingly in memory of she pet, which gets plenty the respect here.

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1 Winston Churchill

If the press goes abuzz end a 20-year-old tattoo on a potential Senatorial candidate nowadays, imagine if the President was tattooed. Gone room the days when the leader of a country could not just sport octopus but help guide his country and also the world through the most disastrous event in person history. Winston Churchill to be the prime Minister of great Britain during the second World War once he defiantly stand his ground versus Hitler’s Germany and also helped defeat Nazism, all with a tattoo of one anchor top top his forearm. The tattoo just serves come bolster the legend of among the world most renowned political numbers of all time.