Zac Efron has always made headlines because that his an excellent looks. However, his brother are giving him challenging competition! ~ above July 18, the actor presented his sister Olivia top top Instagram.

The High school Musial actor has been away from the media for a lengthy time. However, his social media has been relatively active. Following his plastic surgery rumors, it looks choose Zac is busy focusing on his life while making memories v his family. In fact, the amazing photos shared by the actor are certainly making countless fans jealous.

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Who are Zac Efron’s siblings?

Zac has two siblings. He has actually a brother called Dylan Efron and also a sister named Olivia. Zac has occasionally shared pictures with his brothers Dylan on society media.

However, this to be the very first time he had shared the photo of his sister. The actor posted an adorable picture of castle together and also wrote: “My sister Olivia, little heartbreaker.” Dylan likewise shared a video clip on his page and wrote: “Family time. I think Olivia’s ready to model.”

While the brothers try to keep their sister far from the spotlight, that is well-known that Olivia is one year old and also celebrates her date of birth in December.

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Who is Dylan Efron?

Dylan and Zac have actually shared a tight bond for a lengthy time. The two frequently share pictures of each various other on social media. As per Dylan’s Instagram, he is a creator and also athlete that loves the outdoor.

His adventurous side appears to be what makes the relationship in between the brother stronger. Both, Zac and also Dylan, gain spending time outside and often share photos of your trip. Dylan, who is 29 year old, i graduated from California Polytechnic State University in 2013.

He graduated through a Bachelor the Science degree in Economics. In fact, Dylan additionally has a YouTube channel where he shares his adventures trips. In ~ the moment, he has over 20k followers on the platform.

Actor’s next project explored

Even in quarantine, Zac has actually been keeping himself busy. Recently, the actor revealed he to be done filming for the Firestarter movie. Posting a photo of himself from behind the scenes, the actor wrote: “That’s a pave on #firestarter movie! can not wait for you guys to see this.”

The movie is based on Stephen king novel the the same time. The upcoming American fear film is command by Keith Thomas. Together of now, a release date for the movie is not confirmed.

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