The factor why I’m such a vast Star Trek pan is that ns adore the character contrast between Spock and also Captain Kirk. Spock is exceptionally logical, disciplined and responsible. Polar opposite Captain Kirk is passionate, spontaneous and breaks rules if he important feels his intuition overrides it. Well, who proves to be much more “successful” at the end? Emotion and also passion seems to “win” as soon as Spock end up mirroring a volume the emotion towards the climax of the movie.

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What go psychology say about (heart) emotional reasoning vs (brain) intellectual reasoning?

“The head is constantly fooled by the heart,” La Rochefoucauld’s famed maxim. Well, why can not the heart just proceed ~ above to follow it’s gut instead of allowing the brain to interrupt it? Jon Elster explains that human beings want to preserve their self-image of gift “in manage with reason” therefore we like to think we’re swayed by reason, quite than passion. This in reality backfires and makes united state so addicted to irrationality, rather than rationality. A rational person is well-aware that under particular situations, it’s acceptable to follow her heart over your brain.

According come westsidetoastmasters.com, humans react based on emotions, yet like to justification our actions v logic and also facts. We’re encouraged by reason, however we’re truly moved by emotion. numerous social science studies conclude that up to 90% of the decisions we make are based on our emotions.

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With all the said, do friend think the heart (almost) constantly overrides ours brain? Even if our pundit reasoning (aka our brain) is “leading”, carry out you think the heart is the underlining element giving us motivation to continue on (for ex: researching up every night needs our brain but, is it not our mind that understand we truly have a destination we desire to reach? and we have the right to only with it if we pass this class?).