Since we’re already in the Mall, us might as well finish increase the search “Stealing Independence” . Head eastern to discover the nationwide Archives building. As soon as inside head north approximately a wall surface to find two terminals, one gift the “National Archives Guess and also Win!” terminal, and also the other being the “Prize Redemption” terminal. Price the eight questions correctly on the “Guess and also Win!” terminal and you’ll be able to get a one-of-a-kind fruit-flavored kind of Mentats. If you proceed to walk north you’ll uncover a woman named Sydney behind a barricade. This is the way to walk if you want to finish the “Stealing Independence” quest, but why not discover the rest of the structure first?

2) at sight Mutant Smiting

Head v a door come the west and also through a little room right into a larger room the is doubtlessly inhabited by super Mutants. Kill them and also head south, go with a door, and go up part stairs to the south until you with a room with more Super Mutants. Eliminate them and also search the room for part RadAway, a Stimpak, 2 grenade boxes, 2 mine boxes, and also a very first aid box. Once done, drop down the feet in the floor and loot this room together well, wherein you’ll find a rigged terminal, a Stimpak, two ammo boxes, and also a box of Mentats, and also an Archival Strongroom we can’t accessibility yet. As soon as done head north to get earlier to the room we formerly departed and also explore the bathrooms to the west, every of which has actually a an initial aid crate on the wall. Once that’s done travel north under some stairs, avoiding to grab a Combat Shotgun and also some Shotgun Shells off a bookshelf.

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3) The Library

Book - Duck and also Cover!

Continue north under a hall way, preventing to find each of the 2 classrooms on your left. Both have actually school workdesks with minor prey in them, and normal workdesks with significantly much better loot ~ above them. Disarm the tripwire between the two classrooms to prevent becoming better acquainted with an engine 보다 you desire to be. At the end of the hallway you’ll find a door come the east, opening right into a library. Go into the room and explore the north-western edge to discover a school workdesk half-buried in rubble, on optimal of which is a copy of Duck and also Cover! . Explore the remainder of the room, gift wary of landmines as you go. Neglect the door come the southern (it only consists of a trap) and search among the leaning bookshelfs in the center of the room to discover four Pre-War books on a shelf.

4) Sub-Basement Detour

Go east past a door come The Mall and disarm the tripwire between two bookshelves. Check out the rest of the library and grab the booty therein, including two ammo boxes, a very first aid box, discover some cabinets, and open a locked safe. Proceed east and also loot some tool boxers, a refrigerator, and a vending an equipment before exiting into a hallway. Head under a hallway to the southern until the course splits. If you turn east, climate north you’ll find a door bring about the Memorial Sub-Basement , which us might as well explore.

5) Archives Sub-Basement

Sheet Music Book

This an initial room have the right to be brutal if friend don’t take treatment of organization quickly. Chaos around, and also the supervisor Mutant below is liable to get a an excellent bit that a backup. Uneven the thought of fighting a pair of Overlords and also several Masters at once appeals to you, perform your best to ensure that you kill whatever can be lurking in the very first room without alerting every little thing else. Come this end, Paralyzing Palm come in handy when again. ~ above a shelf follow me the western wall surface you can discover a Sheet Music Book .

6) Gas and also Super Mutants

Book - Duck and Cover!

Head v the doorway to the south into a gas-filled room. Needless come say, discharging firearms in this room is no a an excellent idea. The said, there are as many as a half-dozen super Mutants lurking around, depending upon if friend met any resistance in the very first room. Throughout the room come the southern you’ll find one more room with 3 ammo boxes and also a very first aid box inside. Head under some stair (or fall down the hole) in the main room, head throudh a door to the north, then walk up part stairs to with the door leading to the Archival Secure east Wing. Close to it is a locked gate , beyond which is a shelf through some metal Armor, a steel Helmet, a Mini Nuke, a Stealth Boy, and also a copy of Duck and Cover! . If friend head through the door to the secure Archival eastern Wing you’ll it is in in the area within which the explanation of freedom is stored… or girlfriend can complete up the nationwide Archives and talk to Sydney.


7) Defending the Rotunda

Once earlier in the nationwide Archives, explore the room south of the enntrance gate to the Sub-Basement. Proceed south up some stairs, go throughout a hallway to the west and also go up some more stairs to with a small office. Within you’ll discover Administrator Berkeley’s Terminal , through which you deserve to unlock a wall surface safe . Within of the safe you’ll discover five much more Archive prize Vouchers, which will certainly let you nab all the fruity Mentats friend want… or 5 more, in any event.

Now that we’re done with the national Archives, head into the rotunda room, closely disarming all the mines Sydney has actually placed around. When you’re far enough into the room a quest notification will pop up, “Defend the Rotunda”. Cue a group of supervisor Mutants come bust in. Regardless of their appearance and also gear, they are all unleveled, and quite straightforward to dispose of… Never end a sentence in a preposition! It’s straightforward to dispose that them. That’s better.

When the fighting is over, talk to Sydney and she’ll phone call you the Abraham Washington sent out her to find the Declaration before you, and also that you need her help to get down the to Declaration… it’s not strictly true, yet there’s no injury in cooperating. As soon as you’re all set activate “Sydney’s remote Terminal”, select the “Unlock Rotunda Cargo Life” option and also ride the mystery Elevator come Archival Secure soup East.

Note: Weapon details (Plasma Mine):

8) Archival Secure soup East

Sydney is same in a firefight, and you can heal her by providing her Stimpaks together you go, but it’s far better to simply tell her to wait earlier while friend go damage the robots crawling about this level. If she does bite the huge one, it’s no huge deal. Just be sure to grab she SMG off of her. That course, there’s additionally no factor to kill her for it, as you can achieve it with legitmate method later on. Head north to find a room v a energy gate to the north and also a hallway running west. If you have a high sufficient Science score (67 points, in this case), you have the right to make a inspect to fix the faulty capacitor in the door relax mechanism and also open the energy gate. In any event, there’s many of catalyst to head west.

9) Bypassing the energy Door

Going west in exercise is simply a method to bypass the utility door, yet that doesn’t mean there’s no loot down here. You have the right to defeat the robots patrolling roughly with a little bit of ease if you have the Robotics Expert perk, similar to a little of patience you have the right to sneak increase on them. The door to the best is just a shortcut to protect against looping around.. Which type of loss the objective of exploring this area. In the an initial room to her left you’ll discover a skeleton close to a mine box v a remarkably undamaged Laser Rifle nearby, as well as some Microfusion Cells and a Stimpak. In the second room ~ above the left you’ll find an additional skeleton through a Laser Pistol nearby, and also a Pulse Mine, an ammo box, and also a first aid box. Loop about to the east and also you’ll get access to the room beyond the energy gate.

10) bill of Rights

Book - Lying, congressional Style

Go down some stairway to discover a door come the north, past which you’ll have some options. Go with the doors come the west to get accessibility to a small area protected by some turrets. It’s worth the problem to ruin those turrets, because this room includes five ammo boxes, a first aid box, a mine box, a grenades box, and copy of Lying, conference Style top top a table near the Archives security Safe, i beg your pardon itself has the invoice of Rights.

11) Magna Carta

There’s a door come the east, however there’s no real function to unlocking it, as it just offers an alternative route to areas you can currently access. Go to the north to find a room with some yellow crates in it. Go down some stairs come the west to find a tiny room v a dead Mercenary inside. Currently head come the unexplored area come the north. Neglect the door come the Archival Strongroom for now and also explore the area come the east. You’ll eventually stumble upon another locked door , past which space some turrets guarding 3 ammo boxes, a mine box, a grenade box, and also another archives protection safe. This one contains the Magna Carta. You have the right to now circle about to the locked door , or go ago to the Archival Strongroom.


12) Archival Strongroom

Book - tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor

As shortly as you enter you’ll it is in approached by a barmy robot that thinks that is switch Gwinnett. Succeed at an check and also you’ll identify switch as the 2nd signer the the declaration of Independence. If you perform that you have the right to use Robots Expert to shut down the silly robot and also end its shennanigans. Or you can convince the an equipment (with a Speech challenge) that you’re cutting board Jefferson and the battle is over. If nobody of those are live choices for you, you have the right to always try to work with switch to “trick the redcoats”, which will requires you to loot the “Restoration Supplies” in Arlington Library to acquire an “Ink Container”… which girlfriend should already have.Failing all those options, you deserve to just kill the robot and also his turrets.

Either way, when that’s done loot the room. Button’s it is provided Desks and also Supply Wardrobes consists of various ammo. Girlfriend can likewise use the Strongroom security Terminal to unlock the doors in this area, and also in the eastern wing. Head through the door come the north and also open the three safes to uncover various loot including the declaration of Independence. There’s additionally a copy that Tales the a Junktown Jerky Vendor on the table. Head through to door to the west once you’ve got every little thing you want and also take the Elevator to The national Archives. It’s time come head ago to Rivet City and also collect your reward.

13) selling Independence

Schematic - Railway Rifle

Abraham Washington is suprised-but no unhappy-to check out you. Give him the statements of Independence and also he’ll reward you through the promised Schematic - Railway Rifle . You can likewise sell the Magna Carta because that 100 Caps, and the invoice of legal rights for 125 if girlfriend wish. In any kind of event, this quest is done.

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Now to deal with the remaining two side-quests in the main game, “Agatha’s Song” and also “Reilly’s Rangers” . Both inevitably need us to take trip to Vernon Square, one to uncover Vault-Tec Headquarters, and the various other to find Our Lady of hope Hospital. Prior to we attend to that, allows grab the loot from the Ranger Compound.