Flower in the crannied wall,I pluck you out of the crannies; —Hold girlfriend here, root and also all, in mine hand,Little flower — yet if I could understandWhat you are, root and all, and also all in all,I should recognize what God and man is.

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— native Tennyson’s poetry (Norton crucial Editions), by Alfred Tennyson / Edited by Robert W. Hill Jr.

/ picture by David master /

Since mr Tennyson kept his city short, I’ll store my comment short, as well.

Maybe this poem’s observation of the flower is a little bit sentimental, however that last lines have an alliterative delight, and its depth of understanding shouldn’t be overlooked–

but if I might understandWhat you are, root and all, and also all in all,I should understand what God and also man is.

Any point — any kind of object, any type of person, any kind of experience — no matter exactly how mundane or humble, when truly and totally encountered, i do not care a doorway to enlightenment.

Have a beautiful day!

Alfred Tennyson

England (1809 – 1892) TimelineSecular or EclecticChristian : Protestant

Alfred, mr Tennyson was most likely the most significant English poet the the victor era. He obtained immense fame and renown in his very own lifetime.

Alfred Tennyson was born in Lincolnshire, the 4th of twelve children. His father to be a bitter clergyman, required into the life the a rector through his own father after gift disinherited in favor of a more capable younger brothers (Alfred’s uncle) that would construct a household of place that might eventually insurance claim a location within the aristocracy. Alfred’s father to be an unstable man, one alcoholic and also drug addict, developing a dark, tense setting in Alfred’s upbringing.

Addiction and nervous disorders ran v the family. 2 of Alfred Tennyson’s siblings were institutionalized because that erratic behaviors and addictions. It’s stated that every one of the Tennyson children had at the very least one mental breakdown.

Alfred Tennyson began writing poetry in ~ a young age, together did numerous of his brothers and also sisters, together a method to discover freedom from their dark home atmosphere.

Yet, in spite of such a an overwhelming upbringing, Tennyson skilled ecstatic states of spiritual transcendence i beg your pardon he explained as “a type of waking trance – this for absence of a better word — i have typically had, quite up indigenous boyhood, once I have actually been all alone… every at once, as it were the end of the strongness of the consciousness of individuality, the individuality itself seemed to dissolve and also fade away right into boundless being, and also this not a perplexed state however the clearest, the surest the the surest… utterly past words – where death was an virtually laughable impossibility, the loss of personality (if so the were) seeming no extinction, but the just true life.” this “trances” continued throughout his life.

His an initial collection that poetry to be published before he to be 18.

Alfred Tennyson attended university at Cambridge, happy come escape his house life. There he made friends easily, whereby he was admired because that his intelligence, his skill as a writer, because that his sense of humor, and also for his an excellent looks. This was an especially happy time in the young poet’s life.

During this time he ended up being close friends with a excellent student called Arthur Henry Hallam. While some modern-day historians suggest this was a homosexual relationship, there’s not really any clear indication the that was the case. However the the bond in between the two friends to be immediate and strong. Hallam came to be engaged come Tennyson’s younger sister, however the wedding was put off till Hallam completed his studies.

Alfred Tennyson had to abandon his studies as soon as his father died. His grandfather provided some earnings to the family, however would not support the Cambridge researches of Alfred or his brothers, due to the fact that none appeared to it is in pursuing researches that would lead to financially rewarding careers and also family advancement.

Alfred Tennyson refuse a place in the church pressed on the by his grandfather. Living in online poverty on a tiny allowance provided to that by an aunt, he identified to do his method as a poet. This was a period of good struggle because that the young poet. His published poetry got brutal notices indigenous the literary critics.

Then Hallam, Alfred’s near friend and also fiance to his sister, died unexpectedly while travel in Vienna.

Hallam’s death, blended in through his various other life struggles, developed a spiritual situation for Alfred Tennyson. His mood and hopes collapsed. He refused to i have announced his poetry for almost ten years, though he ongoing to write.

Alfred Tennyson was briefly involved to a young woman named Emily Sellwood around this time, but broke off the engagement because of his poverty and also fears because that his health. He began an itinerant period of hefty drinking and also staying through his widowed mom or through friends in London.

His friends, worried around him, finally encouraged him to publish his poems again, and also the resulting two volume Poems, was obtained with suddenly high praise. Alfred Tennyson to be suddenly considered one the the climbing stars that his generation of poets.

Subsequent publications additional increased his notoriety and revitalized his finances. His collection of elegies come his dead girlfriend Hallam In Memoriam lifted him come the place of the preeminent poet of his day.

Feeling that his life was on track once again, he renewed the betrothal to Emily Sellwood that he’d abandoned a couple of years earlier and also two lastly married. His wife took over lot of the day-to-day organization of home and finances, freeing Tennyson to emphasis on his writing.

Because the his prominence, Tennyson was invited to court and he became a close friend to Queen Victoria. Tennyson succeeded Wordsworth together poet laureate. Later, after numerous refusals, he enabled himself to be produced a baron, no longer Alfred Tennyson, but Alfred, mr Tennyson.

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The victor romanticism the Tennyson’s city doesn’t constantly match modern tastes. The language and imagery can be florid. Ideals of armed forces heroism are often romanticized. His poetry offers voice to an imperial society trying come rediscover what is most noble within its very own identity, if at other times that serves as a reminder to reconnect v the living world of nature. Through it all, favor his “trances,” Tennyson’s city uncovers moments of stillness and also transcendence and also underlying unity… through rhymes and turns of phrase that tenderness coax the awareness come follow.