Your Ford Focus‘s brake light indicator is over there to allow you understand that over there is an concern with the brake system. That is various than the anti-lock brake system, which gets its own ABS warning light. The brake light suggests that over there is a problem with the physics braking system itself.

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If girlfriend are analysis this post trying to number out whether you must drive your vehicle, inspect the emergency brake first. If it’s engaged, the brake light will remain lit. If the handle isn’t all of the way down, it’ll cause the brake warning light to stay on. Check to make certain that over there isn’t the small bit left that it needs to revolve the brake light off.

Now if the emergency brake didn’t deal with the situation, it’s time come look right into what is resulting in your Focus’s brake warning irradiate to remain on. The brake light is maybe the most crucial warning light of all. We perform not recommend driving with this irradiate on in ~ all. Doing therefore may lead to injury as soon as the brakes fail.


Ford focus Brake Warning light Causes

The brake warning light shows that your emphasis has detected that one of its major brake components has failed, typically detected through a loss of pressure. You’ll feel a ns of pressure that manifests itself in the type of a “mushy” brake pedal.

If the brake light is only coming on when you press the brakes, that’s a definite indication that the press in the brake system is as well low. One of two people the brakes require bled, or there is a leak.

Brake liquid Leak

Since you’ve already checked the emergency brake handle, now it’s time to examine the grasp cylinder and also see if the brake fluid is low or not. Currently if it is low, but not empty, adding much more may carry out a short-term fix.

If the brake liquid looks like it is all the way out, you’ll require to include more, bleed the brakes, and ideally fix the problem so that you aren’t repeating all of this again. If the brake fluid is leaking out over the brake pads and shoes, it way poor brake performance.

Just remember, it had actually to leak out somewhere, and also that adding fluid without solving the problem is just a short-term solution. The leak can get worse over time and also lead to brake failure.


Pressure Differential Switch

Your brake device is divided into 2 circuits. These circuits reduced the brake mechanism in two. That way, if the brake mechanism gets a leak or fails, you still have actually brakes on half of your Focus’s wheels.

The press differential switch measures the distinction in pressure between the two circuits and will report the there is a difference by transforming on your Focus’s brake warning light. In many vehicles this move is situated in the master cylinder. You’ll check out a harness plug in somewhere approximately there.

Check the Brake Lights

Some vehicles will currently activate the brake warning irradiate on the dash if the really brake lights behind it walk bad. Inspect to see that both of them room lighting up. If not, shot replacing the bulb and see if that solves the problem.

How to rotate off your Focus’s Brake Light

The only way to revolve the brake light turn off is to restore suitable line press to both brake circuits as soon as the pedal is pushed. If your emphasis is having trouble stopping, or noticeably leaking fluid, don’t drive it. Just have actually it towed come a mechanic. If you chaos up addressing your engine, the auto does not move. If you chaos up addressing the brakes, it doesn’t stop. That’s infinitely much more dangerous.

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If her Ford Focus’s brake warning light is on, and you’ve checked the emergency brake, you’ll should look for a leak in the lines, calipers, wheel cylinders, understand cylinder, etc. Good luck diagnosing the issue. If over there is anything the you would prefer to add, please leaving a comment below.