All over courtesy that Google Map. Noticed the development of appearance. And names. Ouch, who must have T-boned that automobile that was abandoned on the parking lot the day the Google mapper drove by. That is the second accident top top the spot. Very first the automobile crashed right into the doors and also this one. Simply drive carefully in the area!

4 photos above courtesy of ska Zone. Those were taken yesterday (on might 15, 2020). It shows up to be an extremely clean, nicely done interior. And it is cleaned from COVID since you deserve to see the masks top top the workers. Not skaters in ~ all.​
Great Eskate household Skate center 2606 Calhoun Rd. Rome, GARoller Kingdom 2606 Calhoun Rd. Rome, GAFun WheelsSkating Center 2606 Calhoun Rd. Rome, GASkater Zone 2606 Calhoun Rd. Rome, GA (Current)
Great Eskate family Skate Centerand Roller Kingdom were rinks names and business before it was offered to Fun Wheels beforeSkater Zone, the existing operating roller rink ~ above 2606 Calhoun road in Rome, GA. Ah, another Rome! Roma, Italia, Rome, NY, and also this Rome, Georgia! pretty neat!Those name changing happened fairly a bit. Ns only uncovered in yellow pages online, Loop Net, and other commercial actual estate. It is no giving any type of other backgrounds or their old website (most of the time, they space offline for good and normally not archived. Climate there the existing one, Skater Zone.Anyone know about those former rinks" history, dates of openings, closing, photographs, everything. I gained the ice skating Zone, give thanks to you.Before ns go further, really touched my heart about they had money raising because that a teenager or young lady who has actually cancer, I believe (looking up her profile top top Facebook). Ice scating Zone had actually a fund raising for Jewell. A beautiful young blond hair lady with full of smiles and still smiling. Going with Chemotherapy. In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic as we speak. They had actually a money raising night in February 2020. Check out #4Jewell. I am not certain if the is twitter. But.. For those without it, check with Skater Zone and they can direct your gaue won support. You can additionally check v Mission Is possible (Not the movies, not the TV series, thank you, it is a charity organization). Click on Mission Is Possible. You have the right to donate and read more about her. I pray she recovers well in Jesus" Name!Jewell, congratulations on your Cheerleading Championship! obtain well, Jewell! and when you obtain better, you can go skating as soon as again! store in healthy and stay safe! God bless you, Jewell! This page is specialized to you, Jewell and you too, Skater Zone for your effort in charities. Her genuine name is June. Still, beautiful name!OK, earlier to the rink histories. Hmm, how can I find much more information about the old ones. Every I recognize the building and property was offered in 2008. Making that Skate Zone was in business because that year. Perhaps.IN 2016, a lady drove her Toyota as she to be backing increase instead, she crashed right into the glass former doors of the rink, and no various other damages to the building. And the rink was opened up as usual that night. Need to be they solved it actual quick.I have actually no idea i beg your pardon rinks room in order however I have the right to tell you the the current one is Skater Zone, the vault one was Roller Kingdom. Thanks to Google Map. However for the various other two, I have no idea. Reportedly the building been roughly for long time. I deserve to tell through the look at of the building.Last it was marketed onOctober 30, 2008 because that the cost of 570,000 USD. Not bad price back the day during the an excellent Recession. This successfully ended Roller KIngdom. Ice scating Zone owner purchased that day.Originally that land prior to the rink was constructed in 1977, it wasDellinger Farms. Farm yard land.

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The Interior.I have no idea what those former rinks" looks to be like but I have the right to tell girlfriend one thing, the rink floor is Maple. The is all i know because usually each owner of a skating rink the buys the vault one carry out remodel since they encompass the remodel budget plan with the purchase mortgage loan. Constantly ask for more, potential owners because when girlfriend buy a rink, you have actually extra budget from the mortgage loan and also you can remodel, get brand-new skates, etc.This rink is one of rarest. They have actually parquet lumber floor layout. What I view in photos, the floor showed up to it is in well maintained with thick Polyurethane clean coat. The is a beautiful floor there. Maple? Perhaps.I carry out not understand what the looks for remainder of the place prior to Skater Zone. However, i will explain Skater Zone"s present look. They have actually that popular black irradiate colors versus Black carpet and they have very standard color on walls such as Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple, etc. An extremely basic. Yet, it does appear very attractive modern-day look. What I median is that they are really updated. This rink I would recommend many to walk skating because that sure. Really kind to charities, modern, and clean. It has that Starburst lights and also the Diamond ball up there... Classics are retained as well.The floor total21,500 Square Feet. It was built in 1977. LIkely good Eskate was the one that was opened up that year.Likely the interior was the same for both Fun Wheels and Skate Zone.The Exterior.Since I execute not have the look of oldest one--Great Estake for this reason I have actually no idea. Yet Roller Kingdom had actually dark bold shade of Deep Red with Neon Green... It is a GableFree span Steel Truss steel Walled Warehouse-like Building. When it to be sold, they painted v Light Gray and also kept the Neon environment-friendly on the structure such together the canopy. The 2016 mishap v the car ending up going reverse crashing right into the glass doors was just time it was damaged and replaced. Google Map have the right to tell you the changes on doors.Can girlfriend spot them? now as Skater Zone, they kept the exterior intact. Just change the sign. Roller Kingdom had much bigger sign. Currently Fun Wheels had it smaller sized sign. And also bit more tough to check out from the road. Return they had actually cute mascot. Ice skating Zone modernized it and also made it much more bold logo which provides it less complicated to see.The Stats:Rink Size: N/A Floor: Clear coated Polyurethane Maple Parquet. Floor Layout: Parquet.Building Size: 21,500SF Built: 1977 Demolished: still standing. Just damages to be front doors due to a auto accident crashing right into the doors. Repaired immediately.Type the Building: free Span steel Truss stole Walled Warehouse-like Building.

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Roof: Gable Acres: 2 acre (87,120 SF.)Operated:Great Eskate household Skate Center:N/ARoller Kingdom:N/A come October 30, 2008Fun wheel Skating Center: October 30, 2008to c. 2016Skater Zone: c.2016 come presentReason because that Closure: Great Eskate household Skate Center:N/ARoller Kingdom:N/AFun wheel Skating Center: N/ASkater Zone:Still operational.Wanted: Information concerning photographs of larger rinks, open and closing days for every older rinks. Why older persons closed?Anyone has pictures and/or details please let me recognize at deadrollerrinks