It has been much more than fifteen years since the completion of the an initial season, but some fans space still wondering even if it is there will be Gakuen Alice Season 2 or not. It is one of those early comedy shows that was really well obtained by the viewers. Even though the demand for it to be high, its 2nd season make it to the screens. After every these years, they still want to understand if there’s hope for the anime’s future or not. So, will certainly it ever return? below are every the latest details.

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Gakuen Alice, aka Alice Academy or Alice School, is a Japanese comedy anime. The is one adaptation that the comedy manga the the exact same title through Tachibana Higuchi. Group TAC adapted the manga right into an anime collection that ran for 26 episodes. The viewers experienced its very first episode top top October 30, 2004. The debut season concluded on might 14, 2005, and also since then, everyone is anticipating its 2nd season.


Do The Makers have actually Enough resource Material?

The serialization of the manga series began in 2003. That ran for ten years and also ended in 2013. During these years, the author has published a full of 31 volumes. The an initial 26-episode season didn’t even take on 1/3rd of this source material. Hence, this way the production agency still has a many content because that making Gakuen Alice Season 2. They can conveniently make two or 3 installments of the anime out of the continuing to be manga volumes.

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Gakuen Alice Season 2: will certainly The Anime Return?

Alice Academy was among the many successful anime reflects of the beforehand 2000s. That manga collection was additionally pretty successful and also had sold an ext than 7 million duplicates by 2013. The ratings of the anime were also great as it holds a score that 7.64 ~ above MAL. The first episode was sufficient to hook the fans because that a treat. Together a result, its viewership additionally increased. The makers have much more than enough source material because that its adhering to installments together well. However, it has been fifteen years because it last showed up on the screens. Besides, its manga collection already finished in 2013. Therefore, the anime adaptation has actually nothing left come promote. Thus, the opportunities for Gakuen Alice Season 2 to ever before release is almost zero.