An economic system command by federal government agencies is ______________. Planned economic situations Marxism socialism conscription totalitarianism reparations

During world War I, Britain’s Defense that the kingdom Act broadened the government’s power to __________ arrest protestors together traitors. control the national economy. usage propaganda to build support at house for the battle effort. Institute conscription.

Which the the following occurred after the please of the czarist regime in Russia? Ten thousand females marched in Petrograd demanding “Peace and also Bread.” The Bolsheviks took control of the government. Alexandra Romanov take it over major government decision making. Alexander Kerensky top a provisional government.

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One the the partnerships formed since of rivalries over colonies and also trade was the Triple Alliance, which included __________ Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Italy. Austria, Hungary, and Serbia. France, an excellent Britain, and also Russia. Germany and also Austria-Hungary.

Why did the final German offensive of world War i fail? The mutiny of sailors in Kiel resulted in the fall of the German government. The Russians reopened the east front. linked Allied forces, sustained by 140,000 new American troops, quit the advance at the second Battle of the Marne. The attack led the United claims to enter the war.

Combined allied forces, supported by 140,000 new American troops, stopped the breakthrough at the 2nd Battle that the Marne.

Which is no a factor why the czarist regime fell in Russia? The economy suffered disasters during the battle years. Grigori Rasputin, one uneducated Siberian peasant, had got influence over federal government affairs. Czar Nicholas II was an incompetent military leader during civilization War I. Conservative aristocrats assassinated Grigori Rasputin.

The human being War ns stalemate in ~ the western Front prompted __________ the Ottoman realm to get in the battle on the next of the Allies. Bulgaria to get in the war on the next of the main Powers. Egypt to get in the battle on the next of the central Powers. Italy to go into the war on the side of the main Powers.

Which of the following statements is no correct around the political and territorial changes carried by the negotiations that ended human being War I? almost every eastern European state to be left through ethnic minorities. New nation-states arised from former lands the Germany, Austria-Hungary, and also Russia. France took regulate of Lebanon and Syria. Austria-Hungary split into two countries, Austria and Hungary.

Which the the complying with did NOT contribute to the start of world War I? Germany’s “blank check” come Austria-Hungary throughout the Balkan dilemm the growth of militarism absence of army planning by the European powers the conference aspirations the Slavic minorities

What did no happen instantly after the finish of human being War I? Emperor wilhelm II became a figurehead of Germany without any type of political power. The Austro-Hungarian realm dissolved. Communist forces tried to seize strength in Germany. The brand-new monarchical state the Yugoslavia was established.

Military leaders were not prepared for the trench war of world War I, in which __________ opposing pressures fought each other from elaborate systems the trenches without lot loss or gain of land. Troops moved conveniently through trenches to catch territory. Pressures moved easily with tanks and artillery. artillery destroyed enemy forces prior to soldiers captured new territory.

opposing pressures fought each other from fancy systems the trenches without lot loss or gain of land.

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Which was the first step in the immediate occasions leading up to people War I? Archduke Francis Ferdinand to be assassinated in Sarajevo. Austria-Hungary declared war ~ above Serbia. Germany declared war ~ above Russia. The czar ordered complete mobilization that the Russian army.

__________ encouraged the United states to enter the war. The blockade of good Britain The deadlock in France The German use of unrestricted submarine war The Japanese entry into the battle

Guided through his desire for national security, __________ demanded the most severe penalties because that Germany during the tranquility negotiations. Georges Clemenceau David Lloyd George Woodrow Wilson V. I. Lenin

The Bolsheviks, who concerned power under the management of V. I. Lenin, __________, started as a little faction the the Russian social Democrats. Thought in passive resistance. overthrew the provisional government in a bloody battle. Sustained the Kerensky provisional government.